How To Tell if You Should Repair or Replace Your Garage Door

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Your home value is an essential aspect of your overall investments, and many factors influence its status. Many home projects can significantly affect the value of your home. The state of your home garage is one of them, and one of the most crucial decisions you have to make at some point is deciding when to repair or replace your garage doors. The garage door is an elaborate system involving regular movement of various parts, and just like any machine, it is bound to be repaired or replaced finally due to the wear and tear processes acting on it. Repairs and maintenance should always be the first alternative since neglecting minor repairs within your garage may lead to more extensive and more costly repairs with time. This article will help identify some of the common garage door problems and whether or not they need repairs or a new door altogether. Read on!

#1: Garage Door Problems That Can Be Repaired 

Not all garage door problems require a complete overhaul of your garage door, and while the best way of diagnosing the problem is by engaging a professional garage door repair service, you can tell when most simple repairs are needed. Below are some instances in which repairs can most likely solve the issue:

Broken Springs and Cables 

Springs and cables are an integral part of any garage door system, and they may break down due to wear and tear. A cable may break due to the stress put on it by a broken spring. You should call your garage door repair service provider the instant you notice a malfunction in these two crucial components. Do not operate the door, and if you must, be extra careful to avoid potential accidents. 

Unusual Noises When Opening or Closing 

Garage doors are designed to work with minimal noise production. Any increase in noise should be an indicator that something isn’t right, and an inspection for repairs should be scheduled urgently to avoid further damage. Check and fasten loose nuts and bolts when you detect any noise, as they are a common cause. 

Remote Control Problems

A malfunctioning remote is also a common cause of garage door problems, and the first thing you should check is the batteries. If it still doesn’t work after replacing the batteries, you should have the remote sensor and antenna. 

Uneven Opening of the Door 

Sometimes your garage door may open unevenly or not close down. This is often caused by issues that can be easily fixed, like an obstruction along the door path. This can be anything from cobwebs to tennis balls lodged within either side of the tracks and rollers, but it can also be a broken spring or cable. 

Slow Opening and Closing of the Door 

Sometimes, the garage door may open or close all the way, but the process is slower than expected. Either dried-out rollers or debris often causes this within the tracks. The problem can be solved by lubricating the rollers or clearing out the routes. 

#2:Garage Door Problems That May Need Door Replacement  

Although simple repairs usually solve most garage door problems, some instances may require a complete overhaul of the garage door. Below are some of the tell-tale signs and conditions you should look out for that suggest a garage door replacement as the most effective solution: 

Old Garage Doors 

Sometimes it can be more cost-effective and safer to upgrade your garage door. Old garage doors often lack the more effective upgraded home security features and may expose your home to burglars. 

Frequent Costly Repairs 

Frequent repairs signal that replacing your garage door may be a better option to save on associated recurring costs and expenses. Such expenses include money spent on service calls, labor, and buying replacement parts, making it more sensible to invest in a replacement as a long-term, cost-effective measure. 

Need to Update the Garage Door Style 

A garage door is among the first things people notice in a home, and it goes a long way in boosting the home’s overall curb appeal. It can be a good idea to upgrade your garage door style by replacing the old one with an eye-catching garage door to boost your home’s curb appeal. 

Extreme Damage Has Occurred 

Damage to your garage door due to a single high collision incident such as with a vehicle or powerful winds may cause irreparable harm and necessitate replacement. This can happen even to relatively new garage doors, where multiple parts have been damaged, and the cost of repairing them exceeds the cost of acquiring a new one. 

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