How to Use an Instagram Story Template to Boost Your Brand

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How would you like for your brand to be seen by hundreds of millions of people? You may be posting on social media, but are you doing it right?

Just because you post something doesn’t mean people will see it. You want your posts to be something that attracts and engages your ideal customer. This is where an Instagram story template can help.

Instagram stories are looked at by 500 million people every day! When you create templates that fit your brand, people will recognize your brand with every post.

Here are some tips to build the perfect Instagram story template to showcase your brand.

Instagram Story Dimensions

With over 1 billion users, Instagram connects with people. Your brand should be on there and needs to be represented in the right way. Stories are different in size from regular Instagram posts.

Instagram stories have a video or image size of 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels high. Their aspect ratio is 9:16. This means a regular Instagram post template won’t look good in an Instagram story.

You will want to craft your content, whether video or pictures, to fit these dimensions. This will make them flow better and people will respond to them more.

Instagram Story Template Designs

You have put a lot of work into your brand design for your website. You want to make sure you don’t lose that work in your stories. You want to put your brand colors, logos, and fonts into your own stories.

With templates, you can build a cohesive look for all your story posts. You want your stories to be something that people recognize as yours. By building a solid group of templates, you can make sure your brand is showcased.

A template also gives you the freedom to use both video and pictures to get your message across. The mixture of both also adds to the variety that Instagram users crave.

Instagram Story Details

Using a template doesn’t mean that every post has to look the same. Templates give you a space to be creative with your Instagram story ideas. You can also add your branding elements to your Instagram story covers.

Stories have grown so much that there are now apps that let you keep stories that you want to watch again. Apps like Instagram story saver give people the ability to save their favorite stories.

This means your content can become someone’s favorite for their Instagram story watch time. They can become fans of your stories, which means they will engage with them more.

This helps you with your brand because Instagram has opened up more doors for customer interaction. One of the most exciting is their addition of shoppable Instagram story stickers. Learn more about them with this link.

1 Billion People Waiting for Your Brand

Instagram gives you the opportunity to reach your ideal audience. Using an Instagram story template creates consistent content to build your audience.

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