How To Use Chabot Marketing In Digital Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence is opening a new era to advance technology & developments. The time goes by when you see such advanced bot technology everywhere all around the world. Yes, chatbot marketing. In this article today we are going to take you for a walk amidst such an advanced concept of chatbots. How they can be developed or used in online marketing. You can get a consultation on chatbot marketing from a digital marketing agency in Delhi.

In today’s world, everybody is leaning towards the world of automation and we don’t come across chatbot while automation. It is not possible at all. Chatbots are gaining huge popularity among people with the increase of online marketing. Automated processes like chatbots can be helpful during various digital marketing strategies. You can also manage countless actions & generate leads or sales.

You might see many famous brands that have successfully applied chatbot techniques on their Facebook, Twitter, or website to get 24 hours assistance. It can help you without hiring any staff. This technique can help you in storing information by the customer before transferring it to some real assistant.

Chatbots automate the whole client communication process without compromising on the customer support you have currently. Artificial Intelligence technology is the new arena that recently covers almost everything. So it is the need of an hour that you should understand how AI works with these different technologies & how you can include them in your digital marketing strategy. So let’s find out what exactly chatbots do? Or how they can be beneficial for us?

What Are Chatbots?

Chatbots are artificial intelligence-powered software programs that are integrated with business services. It is for more efficient communication with our customers. It facilitates all the query responses coming from the users on your behalf. You can develop these chatbots with a specific set of questions that you have to answer to everyone every single time. Like what is the cost of your services? What are working methods? Your previous work experience?, or many more.

If the customer asks a question that you haven’t included in the set of questions. You can incorporate these changes later to make your chatbot more user-efficient.  The more queries it can solve the more it can help you with answering those queries. You can use a chatbot on your website or social media channels to see how it can help you with your digital marketing strategies. Once the customer gets interested you can surely personally assist them or interact the way you want.

Different third-party online platforms can help you in building chatbots. You can install or connect them to your website or portals for better client conversion. They are easy to build through third-party companies.

What Is Chatbot Marketing?

The process of chatbot marketing refers to the strategy in which you can use a chatbot to market your business services. Facebook was the first platform that introduced a chatbot feature that you can connect with the messenger feature. In earlier times nobody used the business messenger feature before. Through the new chatbot marketing strategy, there will be no query go unanswered from the brand or service. You do not need to keep extra support employees to answer these queries. 

Your customers can simply submit their questions online. The chatbot will provide the answer according to those particular questions. This ultimately generates more sales.

Chatbots Marketing Making Transformation In Digital World

Now you might be thinking about how chatbots can make a huge difference in the arena of digital marketing. Is it worth taking that leap? In the meanwhile how it can be so useful to your business services. Chatbot’s automated process relieves your stress by making your customer support free to work on other projects. Simple client queries can be handled by a chatbot.

Chabot can manage the first few steps of your marketing process which is a great process. It will make your services or all the marketing process streamlined. As it automatically handles the beginning step. It saves you a lot of time and energy so that you can handle other important work & makes marketing easier. You can store contact details of new clients, information on new leads, answer the customer issues online or get all the queries done related to tech or new products.

Most people thought that using chatbots is not great for the people who are currently handling customer queries. But let’s understand this scenario: chatbots are not exactly made to take your jobs. They are made to handle initial conversations with the customers. They note down all the essential details from your clients so that when you take over the engagement process. Then you know how to pitch your client in a more impressive way with the details you have.

Volume Of Marketing Calls Increases

Chatbot not only automates the whole process. It also increases the volume of marketing conversations that you handle at one single time. Now you do not need to miss any query coming from your customers. You know what needs to be handled by your customer support or by chatbot technology. This way you can categorize all your conversations from now on to get a better track of your sales.

There are more other benefits that you might not be able to achieve before like as follows:

  • You can give better customer engagement with a client.
  • It helps you to connect more with the new customers.
  • Helps you attain a high level of approach of personalization.
  • These all points can result in generating more sales or effective business.

Fill The Connection Gap Between Marketing & Sales

Sometimes there is always a breach between the process of marketing and sales. Like you can say that for better sales most of the people do not know how to set up their marketing campaign. Or for better marketing how to handle all the sales or coming future leads. But now we can fill this gap to build a successful marketing strategy.

The unique way to settle up the gap is chatbots that act as a bridge between sales and marketing campaigns. Chatbots are the most useful element for collecting all the information you need to qualify them as leads or setting up the sales. By creating a proper loop with your client and sales you can get marketing and sales in your business. It converts your lead prospects into existing clients.

Easy Way To Include Chatbots In Digital Marketing 

Now the most important question arises. How can we include chatbot marketing in boosting our sales or marketing techniques? The answer is simple. Here are some simple techniques you need to follow to evolve them in your marketing area. Let’s find out now!

Initiate the communication with Chatbots:

You can install chatbots on any digital platform with a particular set of questions. These are helpful whenever your customer support is not available online. It can collect all the important information or data from your customer regarding new sales, products, or complaints. 

The collected information you can retrieve or solve later to get follow-ups from the clients. It is the less time-consuming way in order to gather information rather than sitting all day in the wait for customers.

Maintain Your Schedule:

Solving queries or scheduling call meetings one by one can be a tedious task. In spite of being one on one, you can schedule a call with your customers with the help of chatbots. Why consult again and again with your customers? A chatbot can schedule your call or session meeting easily by taking time into consideration from your potential lead.

Make the First Move With Chatbots

We always want to give our customers a unique & unexceptional experience whenever they visit your business. Chatbots can make this possible online by sending personalized greetings. Whenever they land on your website to make the experience special for them. Chatbot marketing takes care of all their queries anytime. You don’t know when your customer needs your service.

Answering Same Questions Every Time

In every business when a new customer visits your business you need to answer thousands of questions. You will make them understand about your services & how you will solve their problem. But if we say you don’t need to answer those questions again and again. You can use a chatbot for the query section. Your customers get solutions & you can use your energy in doing other important work of your business.

If you want to use these exclusive features of a chatbot for your website. You don’t need to build on your own. Many third parties online platforms like a digital marketing agency in Delhi can help you with this. You can use various chatbots options given by them based on the design & look of your website. choose the chatbot that can help your visitors to have the best experience with your brand.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Own Chatbots

While choosing chatbots for your own business services you need to keep certain points in your mind so that you don’t go wrong with chatbot marketing.

Chatbot Should Be Conversational

Try to build a chatbot that is more conversational. Your customers do not want to feel neglected when they want to ask you something so keep your chatbots infused with a more human touch to make them feel like real humans. Chatbot programming should be problem-solving or results-catching.

Simple & Easy

If you keep the interface of your chatbot messenger easy or simple then it will attract more customers. The more it is complicated. the more clients will run away from your strategies. The answer to all the queries should be in simple language. The simple chatbot can execute the solutions more easily that makes it more successful.

Flexible Or Adaptable Chatbot Marketing

A perfect chatbot can be difficult to execute in a single time. It is a brand new concept or technology. Nobody can master the technology in days so you need to hit some tests and trial methods to get the right chatbot. Try to keep yourself open to new ideas, execute new concepts or strategies. This way you can overcome all the checkpoints. Your chatbot concept will be successful if it is more flexible.

Use If/Then Strategy

While building your chatbot questionnaire or programming you need to consider the if/then strategy. For example if /then methods will initiate all the communication between the chatbot and customer. If a customer asks a question the chatbot will respond with the answer otherwise if it will take the customer to the first step.

Tips You Can Use While Chatbot Marketing

Here are some tips you can use to make your conversational chatbots a disaster or a major turnoff for your business:

  • Never try to keep or hold open end conversations in your bot programming that can confuse your bot or irritate the user.
  • Always keep humans on the other side if the chatbot is not able to handle the queries sometimes. There are people who only prefer human conversation.
  • Give a special discount to the people who use bot technology so that you will find out how many percent of people are interested in using chatbot technology.
  • Make promotion of your chatbots online so that people know that you are currently using one.
  • Offer personal or warm experience to your customers by engaging them to fill in the details.
  • Sending different surveys through your chatbots can be highly beneficial for your future products.


Chatbots are the demand of a new era or future. This is the reason why chatbot marketing has officially arrived in all the business services all around the world. After finding all the concepts of chatbots you are finally ready to make your digital marketing strategies effective. A website designing company in Delhi can help you with the design as well. Do let us know in the comment section whether you are using chatbot marketing or not.

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