How To Use Google Assistant On Android – Easy Steps

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How To Use Google Assistant On Android – Google Assistant is a new virtual assistant service that can be used by smartphone, tablet computers and other Android devices running the Android operating system. The service offers a simplified user experience, with many of the complexities being handled by the user, not by the assistant.

This is in comparison to other services such as Skype, which is quite hands-free but doesn’t allow access to most of the features that you would expect from a remote access tool. It also does not have support for the web browser yet, only the Android browser. However, it is an innovative idea that could greatly benefit smartphone users who are on the go.

How To Use Google Assistant On Android – You will first need to download the Google Assistant application from the Google Play Store. Once you have done that, you will be able to install it onto your smartphone. It is also recommended to uninstall any other assistant programs you may have installed on your smartphone.

This will ensure that your Assistant works with the most recent version of the operating system, namely Android 5.0. This is one of the first steps towards learning how to use your Google Assistant.

What do I need for Google Assistant?

  1. Android 5.0+ with at least 1.0GB of available memory or.
  2. Android 6.0+ with at least 1.5GB of available memory.
  3. Google app 6.13 or higher.
  4. Google Play services.
  5. 720p or higher screen resolution.

How To Use Google Assistant On Android – If you have used any other VoIP or voice calling programs before, you will feel right at home with Google Assistant. You can simply speak into the microphone and the Google Assistant program will take note of the words that you speak and then produce a natural-sounding speech. If you want, you can even record the voice of someone who will then respond to you.

The voice recording feature also allows you to get a chance to practice your own voice, in case you are not comfortable with actually talking into the microphone. All you have to do is click on the microphone icon in the top right corner of the main interface and speak as if you were calling a friend. Google Assistant will then deliver your call.

How To Use Google Assistant On Android – Since Google Assistant has remote access tool, it will also make it possible for you to use your device as a remote control. That means you can use your device like you would use a cellular phone to make calls, as well as play music and take pictures.

Of course, these are only some of the minor features that this innovative assistant can perform. There are many more that you will come across once you use this handy new addition to your household device. For instance, it allows you to check the weather, book a flight, perform an online search and find the nearest hotel through its map feature.

Functions Google Assistant Can Provide

  • Control your devices and your smartphone.
  • Access information from calendars and other digital personal information.
  • Find information online, from weather, news restaurant bookings to directions
  • Run reminders and timers
  • Control all your music.
  • Play your content on your Chromecast or other compatible devices

How To Use Google Assistant On Android – Although the device can be used wirelessly by means of a USB cable, it can also be used with the help of a Bluetooth headset. By using the Bluetooth headset, you can be able to speak directly to the Google Assistant program, without having to use the microphone.

How To Use Google Assistant On Android – Once the program has been started up, it will ask you questions. Through the provided vocabulary dictionary, you will be able to provide an answer to the questions asked by Google. Through this process, you will not have to read through phrases again just to get to the specific definition of a word.

To ensure that you get the best results from this innovative assistant, you should take note that the device is quite sensitive when it comes to temperature and humidity. So, if you intend to leave the device in your car, make sure that you have placed it in a climate controlled area. The device is also quite fragile and it could be damaged if you place it against a hard surface.

Google Now

How To Use Google Assistant On Android – Just like every other device from Google, the Google Assistant comes with an application called “Google Now”. With this application, you can ask the device to perform a task by simply saying the phrase you want to be told. For instance, if you want to know the time in New York, you can simply say “I’m New York” and the device will then tell you the time. You can even ask for weather in New York and get the weather forecast for that day.

Voice Commands

How To Use Google Assistant On Android – Like all other voice commands in Google Android, there are some simple voice commands that are important to get the job done. For example, if you want to send a picture to someone, you can simply say “send a picture”. This is a very basic voice command that you can use with the Google Assistant.

How To Use Google Assistant On Android – The Google Assistant has received mixed reviews from its users so far, but one thing that users do not seem to mind is the fact that the device does not yet have a video camera built-in. If you are among those who do not want to take pictures or videos with your phone, this could be a problem.

8 essential Google Assistant commands you’ll find yourself using all the time.

  • Create a calendar appointment.
  • Play music.
  • Place a call (or a video call)
  • Track a flight.
  • Tell me about my day.
  • Get a translation.
  • Listen to relaxing sounds.
  • Play a game.


How To Use Google Assistant On Android – Google Assistant is one of many new products Google has launched in recent times. It is a mobile phone program that is designed to help you make calls on your smartphone. It is very easy to use and works by using either a speaker clip or through your mouthpiece. The Assistant works with most major cell phone models and is designed to make making and taking calls as easy as possible.

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