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How To Use Google Lens On Android – Over the last few years, Google has been deeply focusing on artificial intelligence in order to make our life simpler and easy than before and in this regard the best example is Google Lens and Google Assistant. 

So here in this blog we are going to put some light on Google Lens which was initially was rolled out only for pixel devices but very soon they are planning to include Google Lens on mid and lower-budget Smartphones as well.

So that a maximum number of people can get an opportunity to use it.  So let see more details regarding Google lens and what cool features it offers you on your Smartphone.   

What is Google Lens? 

Google Lens is an artificial intelligence-based app developed by the Google developer’s team that mainly uses your phone’s camera to bring out reality directly from the world to your Smartphone screen.  Well, this amazing app uses the Smartphone camera and deep machine learning to identify the objects in a picture.

How To Use Google Lens On Android – Apart from that Google Lens analyses the scene and lets you know what object is there inside the picture. Say for example you went to a nearby park with your family for an evening walk and see some people bring their dogs with them for walking.

Well, here Google Lens will take the picture and let you know which breed of dogs they all are and in the same manner, you can do the same thing for any other objects as well that you see in your surroundings. This is the magic of artificial intelligence by Google Lens.  So here we are going to show you how you can use and install Google Lens in your android Smartphone.

How to Activate & Install Google Lens    

How To Use Google Lens On Android – As we have already mentioned here in this blog earlier that primarily Google Lens is available only on Pixel devices itself but due to its growing popularity Google has decided to make lenses available for mid-range premium smartphones as well.

So if your phone is eligible for Google Lens then normally comes in build like say for example in our office we are using Redmi Note 9 Pro max and Google Lens comes with it by default. But in case in your phone you do not have then these are the steps you can follow.

How To Use Google Lens On Android – First of all be sure whether your android phone is up to date or not just by going to settings – then click system update and the phone will start checking for any available updates.  

So here you need to see whether it is taking any updates or not if yes then first install that update before moving further else if your mobile already updated then go to the next step. Then go to Google Play store where you will search for the Google Lens option and then click download to install the apps.  

How To Use Google Lens On Android – After the installation process is complete you need to activate the application right now on your android device and then onwards you will be able to use Google Lens in your android phone even it is not a premium android model.  With this application, your way of taking pictures from your phone will change dramatically as now with Google lens you can just do wonders with the help of its exclusive inbuilt AI technology.

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