How to write a Master’s essay?

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As the famous American Writer said:

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on a paper.”

-E.B. White

Masters is a phase of life where one student has already become a professional. It has become necessary to do at least a master’s to get a good pay-scale job in today’s times. Many professional industries now expect employees with a master’s degree to maintain a healthy, educated atmosphere.

Writing essays in masters is not similar to writing essays in schools and colleges. It requires extensive research, citations, authentic references, and 100% plagiarism-free context. Students writing essays are told to follow the guidelines of their professors strictly.

It helps them depict a picture according to their professor’s requirements which is a must-to-do act. So, therefore, understanding what your essay shows will lead to an outstanding essay.

What Picture Your Essay Depicts?

A student’s words depict what they have in their mind. Professors reading the essay always note down the student’s word selection, showing their expertise over the vocabulary. However, if one knows what picture to depict in their writing, then they should consider the following keynotes to get distinctive marks;

Your student’s writing skills are the first essential part that your professor will look upon. Many students having poor writing skills now take assistance from cheap essay writers UK natives to score well. This helps them to be saved and show a professional level of writing. Moreover, a student’s master essay depicts the writing skills and explains how well the article is written. Hence, it is a major key to drawing the picture in your professor’s mind.

  1. Research Material 

Your professor verifies the research material that is added to the essay. A professor always provides guidelines to the limitations of doing research. This helps students in not writing extra, which causes deductions of marks. If your research points are properly diagnosed, the chances are that the picture you will depict might impact the professor.

  1. Art of Representation 

This is the major part of a master’s essay. Your skills of representing your knowledge with words are called an Art of Representation. A student must have a stronghold over their presentation skills as their words and way of describing an essay shows how well the student practiced. It’s like, articles are generally written in the same format, but when it comes to a professional-level piece, your art of representation matters the most. An essay written by a high school student won’t be professional than an essay of a master’s level. Hence, your words must represent the art of your mind.

Problems Faced While Writing a Master’s Essay

Every student faces similar problems but not congruent. Some of the common issues that every professional student faces are as follows:

  1. Lack of Good Vocabulary:

Students writing an essay must have a strong grip over the language. They must understand the importance of using the right word with the right concept. Many students do not have a good vocabulary when writing different essays, which eventually leads to outsourcing. For example, some buy narrative papers, argumentative articles, or descriptive essays. This helps them get a quality essay which ends their problem of vocabulary.

  1. Lack of Knowledge:

During masters, some students face the problem of having less knowledge on a field of study. This affects their essays as they cannot write what they have gotten in their minds. Such students mostly end up taking outsourcing services to ease their lives. However, students with a lack of knowledge often face deductions of marks. Therefore, such students are told to improve their extensive research skills.

  1. Lack of Originality:

Sometimes, the same sentence is already written by someone else whenever one writes. This spots plagiarism in the essay, which eventually is a major problem. No professor supports plagiarized context as it is considered theft of someone’s expertise. Many students lack originality as most of the information is taken from search engines. It leads towards fewer efforts as the context student used is already written. That is why paraphrasing is considered unethical when writing an essay.

Tips to Write a Master’s Essay

A master’s essay is similar to the report we have been taught since childhood. It has three major parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Main Body
  3. Conclusion

Now, it depends upon your professors on what guidelines they have provided. Many students are assigned lengthy essays during their master’s, which not everyone can write. Therefore, the following tips can make any student’s life easier if they follow them with pure dedication:

  1. Whenever you start the introduction, your introduction needs to speak of your topic. A student must explain their topic and what will be discussed in the essay. This helps the reader know everything initially, so they are well-prepared to be taught.
  2. Your explanation must be concise as a master’s level student must have the expertise to put their words in a nutshell. This will create a strong picture of the writer’s image in the professor’s head. Hence, your conciseness will lead towards an outstanding essay as it is what a writer works on.
  3. Never make a mountain out of a molehill as it will lead to deduction of marks and show unprofessionalism. A master student must be professional with their writing, the appearance of the essay, i.e., well-formatting, and last but not least, be relevant to their topic.


This whole post deals with what an essay writer should do to create a strong image in the reader’s mind. It shares the problems every student’s faces and highlights the tips for writing a quality essay. Following the above tips will eventually lead to the doors of distinction. Hence, with that, I conclude the following post with this quote:

“The desire to write well can never be fulfilled without hard work.”

-Dean Koontz

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