HubbleBIT Review – A Platform Dedicated to its Customers

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Every online broker you come across during your search for one will promise you the ultimate trading experience with all the services you could need or want. These promises are beautiful, but it is a fact that not every company will provide you with what you expect. Hence, your goal should be to find the platform capable of doing so, and this is where you can use this HubbleBIT review because it can help you decide if this is the one or not. You need a dedicated platform dedicated to its customers because this can help you have the best trading experience you have envisioned.

Of course, each platform will claim to provide a customer-oriented experience, but very few can do so. You need to know if HubbleBIT is genuinely one of them, so you can sign up without any second thoughts and not have to look for another platform. Let’s see how it is dedicated to its customers:

The availability of numerous account options

The first indication that HubbleBIT has prioritized its customers over the others is the numerous account options they have come up with. Instead of sticking to the standard three to four choices, they have come up with five accounts to allow every trader to find an option that meets their needs. Whether you are a novice, an intermediate trader, or a skilled one, there is an option that suits your trading style, budget and risk appetite.

The five options that you will find at your disposal at HubbleBIT are named Trial account ($2,500), Silver ($10,000), Gold ($25,000), Platinum ($100,000) and Signature ($250,000). These accounts have different features, including customer support, 1-on-1 training sessions, trading signals, trading news, education centre access, account manager, no withdrawal fees, trading algorithm, and personal sessions with market analysts.

The access to extensive educational material

Another feature you will discover at HubbleBIT that caters to customers is access to extensive educational material. They have created an entire section dedicated to education to get the necessary guidance, knowledge, and skills needed for a successful and profitable trading experience. After all, not everyone who joins the financial markets is an expert and can and does need help at one point or the other.

You will be able to explore the extensive resources that HubbleBIT has put together, including a glossary for beginners, webinars, seminars, personal training sessions, videos, a trading plan and plenty of other detailed material.

The easy signup process

Many people are daunted by the prospect of signing up with a broker, but HubbleBIT has made this process very easy and smooth for everyone. You can sign up on their platform in just a matter of minutes because they only ask you to provide some quick details for this purpose. Your first and last name, email address and password, phone number, country of residence and account currency is all you need to provide. As long as you are 18 and are ready to accept their Terms & Conditions, you will be registered immediately, and no other steps are required.

The reliable customer support

If there is one way to assess a platform’s commitment to its clients, it is through customer support. It shows just how much they are willing to do for their customers, and HubbleBIT has been great in this regard. They have added multiple channels that can be used for contacting their staff. Their representatives are available 24/5 and are available via email and phone. Several phone numbers are provided for different countries to accommodate global traders. A callback can also be scheduled by filling out the online contact form on the website.


These features and services that you find at HubbleBIT indicate that this is indeed a platform dedicated to its clients.

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