Ido Fishman Suggests Tips for making Home Cooking Easier

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Cooking at home on a regular basis requires effort and time. There will be days when you will just be too tired to cook after having a long day. This doesn’t mean that you have to depend on takeout or frozen foods. According to Ido Fishman, you can make cooking at home easier and quicker with a little planning and a few simple tricks. Want to know what they are? You can find out below:

  • Hang a grocery list in the kitchen to keep track of ingredients

A chalk or dry erase board in your kitchen makes it easier for you to know what you need to stock up on. Ido Fishman says that this can save you from a lot of frustration because you don’t want to start cooking, only to find out you are missing a key ingredient. This simple trick ensures that you have everything handy when you are in the mood for some impromptu cooking.

  • Always have staple ingredients handy

Cooking can be a lot easier when you have a well-stocked kitchen and with staples handy, you will be able to follow recipes and also experiment, without having to get an endless list of ingredients. Salt, olive oil, red pepper flakes, most-used grains like pasta or rice and canned goods, such as tomatoes and beans are a few good things that should always be within reach.

  • Prep bases in advance

The most time consuming aspect of cooking is preparing grains, such as rice. Therefore, Ido Fishman Chef recommends that you get a head start. Over the weekend, you can cook some and then have them handy when you want to make something during the week. This allows you to whip up a grain bowl, fried-rice or stir-fry very quickly.

  • Cut the cooking time for your vegetables

Preparing certain foods can take a longer time, such as potatoes, which doesn’t make them a good choice for weeknight cooking. Ido Fishman suggests that you partially cook them in the microwave to speed up the process. You can cook the potatoes until they are soft and then roast or sauté them until they are brown and nice. This trick comes in handy for vegetables like Brussel sprouts because this gives you a head start and ensures the center is cooked.

  • Use a bench scraper for simplifying cooking and cleaning

Bench scrapers are a favorite of professional chefs and Ido Fishman says that home cooks can also enjoy the benefits of this simple tool. They are very useful for transferring and scooping ingredients off your cutting board and in a pot. They are equally handy for cleaning up because you can simply scrape off the mess and throw it in the trash.

  • Take advantage of slow cookers

According to Ido Fishman, all new cooks can take advantage of slow cookers when they are venturing into the kitchen. Most slow cooker recipes will tell you to just add everything in and allow it to cook for a couple of hours. This makes them the best thing to use in the morning. In fact, they can even be used for breakfast because you can get things started at night and have everything ready when you wake up.

  • Keep prepped ingredients in the freezer

If you want to speed up weeknight cooking, Ido Fishman suggests that you store some prepped ingredients in the freezer. There are ingredients like diced peppers, diced onions and minced garlic that freeze surprisingly well. You can store peppers and onions in Ziploc bags and freeze them.

  • Get good quality food storage containers

Good quality food containers, such as those made of glass, can last for a long time. Ido Fishman suggests that you use them for storing prepped ingredients and this will make it easy for you to cook, heat up or upgrade existing foods that you already have on hand.

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