Instagram to host NFTs from original content creators…

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According to Instagram, it will begin testing NFTs with selected creators across the USA. At the outset, there will be no fees for those creators sharing a digital collectible or NFT on Instagram.

The chosen third-party wallets compatible with this process are MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Rainbow, while the blockchains used for transacting the NFTs would be Polygon and Ethereum. In addition, there would be support for Phantom and Dapper wallets and Solana and Flow blockchains in the future.

Selected creators can upload and share any NFTs they have created or own via the main feed, the stories tab, or DMs. According to Instagram, after the feedback from its test phase, it will unveil more functionality.

This step is an attempt by Instagram to make NFTs more accessible to the public who want to create, trade, and collect such assets. Instagram hopes that by empowering the creator economy, it can offer more avenues for original content creators to showcase their NFTs to the world.

Meta said that similar functionality would be coming to Facebook soon. In the future, it hopes to provide NFTs as augmented reality or 3D items that can be synced with Instagram stories using Meta’s AR platform Spark AR.

In the runup to this soft launch Instagram, last year hosted a Creators Week, a private event only for select NFT creators. Thus far, web app development by the likes of Twitter and Instagram has embraced NFTs, with YouTube also set to join these ranks shortly.

What is an NFT?

An NFT can be anything you want it to be. It could be a song, a graphic, a design, or even a sculpture created on a digital platform that can be shared digitally.

Of course, it is essential to note that all NFTS is usually the author’s original creations. Then it becomes a digital asset upon being sold or traded to another.

Each NFT must be linked to a blockchain to verify its authenticity and ownership and cannot be divided, copied, or substituted.

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Who can create an NFT?

Any individual can create an NFT as a digital item and then display, exhibit, trade, or sell it. Most often, NFT creators are creative and artistic, creating an NFT that would appeal either commercially or culturally.

What is the price of an NFT?

That is all down to the NFT creator, their artistic flair, and the profile and hype around the creator. The world’s most expensive NFT was the work of Pak, who sold his MFT titled The Merge to a collective group of buyers for over 90 million USD. The digital artist Beeple sold his NFT for over 69 million USD, and it was titled The first 5000 days.

Who would buy an NFT?

NFTs are almost on the same footing as modern art, so it would be your usual lineup of art lovers, collectors, investors, and fans that would most likely purchase any NFT.

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