Is it Medically Possible to Raise Mr P?


The question of whether there is a way to raise Mr P is often a confusing issue. There is still a view that size is everything so all ways to change the size of the penis to be large are done. In fact, in fact, medically increasing the size of the penis is something that cannot be done. This is said by Brian Christine, M.D, a urologist from the Center for Urology in Alabama, United States. You can use Phallosan Forte Review to make your penis bigger.

Before judging your Mr P is not big, it’s a good idea to check the normal size of this Mr P. According to the Mayo Clinic, the average penis size when not erect is 3-5 inches, while when erect it can reach 5-7 inches. Mr P’s circumference when not erect is 3.6 inches and when erect can be 4.5 inches.

Can not enlarge, but it turns out there are some situations that can make Mr P shrink. Here are some of the conditions:

1. Have Erectile Dysfunction

If you have difficulty getting an erection for a certain period of time there could be damage to the penis tissue that causes it to shrink, this is called penile atrophy. Generally, atrophy in the penis occurs with age where there is a transfer of fat stores and reduced blood flow to vital organs. Treatment for erectile dysfunction can usually increase the size of the penis again.

2. Have Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s is a disease of scar tissue that can form in the inner lining of the penis resulting from injury during intercourse. This scar tissue that forms makes the penis thicken on one side only, making it bend. Not only bent, this hardened tissue also makes Mr P become painful when erect.

3. Undergoing a prostatectomy

Mr P can become shortened when you have surgery to remove the prostate gland to treat prostate cancer. However, this is an unavoidable side effect of undergoing prostatectomy. The use of products that promise to enlarge Mr P, be it pills or lotions.

Then, there is also a Mr P pump product which is said to be able to enlarge Mr P. Indeed, applying pressure will make Mr P enlarge, but it is only temporary because it will return to its original size after the pump effect ends.

Although increasing the size of the penis is an impossible thing to do, there are healthy and natural ways to “enlarge” the penis that you can do, namely:

1. Lose Weight

Men who are overweight will make fat cover the pubic area, even their penis. Losing weight will make your penis look 1 inch longer and make your penis look healthier for longer. Those who are obese tend to have difficulty maintaining an erection so they ejaculate quickly.

2. Trimming pubic hair

Trimming pubic hair can make the penis look bigger and longer. According to research conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, says that women pay more attention to the cleanliness and tidiness of the penis than its size.

3. Sports

One of the causes of erectile dysfunction that makes Mr P ejaculate quickly and maintain an erection is poor blood circulation. Running intense exercise will help improve blood circulation to vital areas.

Maybe many are curious, is it true that the penis can be broken? Some people think it’s just a hoax. However, the fact is that the penis can break, although this is rare. Penile fracture can occur when there is trauma to the erect penis. Penis fractures differ from fractures in other parts of the body.

When erection, the penis enlarges as blood fills the corpora cavernosa. If the enlarged penis is bent suddenly or with force. This can cause the penis to break. However, a broken penis can also occur due to aggressive masturbation.

When erection, the blood in the penis is concentrated in this area. When the penis is erect, one or both sides of the corpus cavernosal can fracture, resulting in a broken penis. Penis fracture usually only occurs when a man’s penis is erect.

A flaccid penis usually cannot be fractured, because the corpus cavernosal does not enlarge as it does when the penis is erect. But in fact, a broken penis does not only occur when men have sex. However, it could also be when the position of the penis hit the bone. Penile fractures are also known to occur in the following circumstances:

– Roll over in bed when the penis is erect.

– The penis hits a hard object when the penis is erect.

– Another accident.

A broken penis usually requires surgery. The main goal of treatment is to restore or maintain a man’s ability to get an erection and maintain urinary function. After surgery, the patient will be hospitalized and given painkillers and antibiotics. It can take months for a broken penis to heal completely. Patients should not have sex for at least a month after surgery.

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