LEATHER JACKET REVIEWS: How to choose a leather jacket according to your body shape?

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Whenever you talk about fashion, leather jackets are a classical ensemble used all around the year. As soon as winter strikes, leather jackets are perfect for snuggling and wrapping around in, while they even act as a perfect layering item for all weathers.

The question lies on how to chose a perfect leather jacket? We have been watching the celebrities flaunting the jackets in style, and somewhere we are trying to opt for a look like that. Imagine Tom Cruise fitting perfectly into his Leather Jackets in ‘Mission Impossible’or the’ gossip girls’⁹ slaying their outfits perfectly, leaving everything in awe. Let’s find out how a jacket is the ‘perfect’ one for your body shape.

Jackets and their fittings

 A leather jacket is used as a fashion item to wear on different occasions. Similarly, it is important to find the tailor-made one for your body type and looks good. It is important to pay attention to the compatibility of a certain type of jacket according to the body shape.

If you want to accentuate your body’s upper part, choose embellishments and leather jackets that have studs, zips, etc. While, if you want your lower part accents, play with minimal design. So, there are different ways and kinds you can choose the perfect fit for your body.

Types of Bodies

  1. Straight or rectangular body

If you have a straight body, you need a leather jacket with more details. Look for a leather jacket with studs, zippers, embroidery, etc. All these would add to the look of the leather jacket and will be a good fit for your body. As the body is straight, it is essential to add something that compliments the look. A straight leather jacket may look good but is not the perfect choice you can have.

You can even pick options with a peplum for the bottom or a pop-up on the waist to enhance your body and find the bestpick for yourself.

  • Pear shape body

If you have a pear-shaped bodythat has larger hips and a defined waist. The secret to finding the perfect leather jacket for your pear-shaped body is the one that keeps a balance of your shape. Try looking for a leather jacket that has more power to the shoulders. A jacket with broad shoulders or a quilted pattern over it will be a great choice.

Rihanna has a pear-shaped body. If you own a body similar to her and look for some killer looks,choose a jacket with heavy patterned sleeves and collars. Try avoiding boxy cuts that will make your hips look wider.

  • Hourglass body

An hourglass body haships and busts almost the same size, while the waist is narrower. According to fashion industries, an hourglass body figure is a perfect figure you can have. But, what is the kind of leather jacket that will best suit your body?

A leather jacket that snuggles your shoulders and waist is all that you need. Find one that hugs you tight and keeps your figure in shape.

A cropped jacket that goes up your waist length is definitely not a good idea to go for. Yes, you can choose a cropped jacket if that is tailor-made for your body. Many of the brands are offering custom leather jackets that are tailor-made, especially for you.

  • Apple Shape body

Now comes the apple-shaped body. An apple shape body demonstrateswomen with a healthy body; larger hips, waist, and busts. Boxy cuts are what you need for your figure. A jacket that snuggles you completely from the waist and busts is a good choice. Quilted patterned leather jackets are not recommended much because they would make them look heavier.

A jacket that hugs you completely is also a perfect choice. You can flaunt the jacket casually around the streets or wear an embellished one at parties. You are all set.

Lalalalala. The options that make you look amazing are the best ones.

Matching the leather jacket with other clothing

Other garments are as important as choosing the right jackets. You can wear your leather jackets over nice denim shorts or Jeans. Jeans will help you create a perfect street style.Find nice t-shirts and jeans or shorts; you are excellent to go around the streets.

You can even flaunt on your favorite leather jacket over a dress. The formal dressing will have an edgy look with the leather jacket that makes you look great. You are all dolled up for a perfect evening.

The cherry on the top, accessories would add to the look you are creating. A statement necklace over a plain, classic leather jacket would create a perfect combination. You can even wear your sunglasses and a nice handbag to make others go gaga over your look.


To conclude, all bodies and their shapes are beautiful. You need to comprehend and analyze the look clearly that what is suitable for you. Definitely, there is always a perfect look for different shapes and people. Try avoiding leather jackets that are not designed for your body shape.

Be the talk of the town and the ultimate fashion icon by following a complete guided look with your leather jacket. The timeless style that can keep you cozy and warm can be used as a fashion item is what you all need in your closet. Find a place in your wardrobe for a good leather jacket that will last for a long.

So here are the secrets of matching a leather jacket perfectly with your body. These are the essential tips and tricks to pull on a perfect look. Just be comfortable with whatever you chose and slay with confidence. Hurry up and create your version of perfection with stylish leather jackets this season.

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