Magnum Hen Duck Call by JJ Lares


jj lares duck calls has been a staple in the duck hunting community for many years. The Magnum Hen is one of their newest additions and it’s quickly becoming a favorite among hunters, specifically those who enjoy opening up tules when used correctly! This call gives you that commanding hen mallard demanding presence with just enough added sounds from above-the marsh to make things interesting – perfect if your hunt includes some open water shots or chasing geese across lakes where sound isn’t always an issue as well!.

The Kittles Outdoor Store carries top quality brands such us JJ LaRes so we’re confident this will meet all expectations

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About J.J. Lares

The fact that Chico is the home of a powerhouse who has made one of the world’s most sought-after waterfowl calls for over three decades should not be a secret. Several accolades have been bestowed upon JJ Lares company, including an award as “Best Casting Company In America.”

A variety from this amazing manufacturer would make any hunter happy – whether they’re beginners looking to try something new or experienced outdoorsmen with their sights set on more specialized equipment like blowguns and feathers . These simple yet effective products can produce sounds ranging across many ranges when blown correctly by simply pointing at what you want your hunting dog hear while out fishing in freshwater lakes during summertime

The JJ Lares instruments are cast acrylic which comes in many colors but black remains popular because it just looks good on any gun or vest while still giving off its signature tone when needed most – not too mention being tough enough under rough conditions like rain, sleet and snow without getting crunched up by pressure; plus we all know how salty those birds get sometimes after playing around outside as much these days.

About the Magnum

The Magnum J.J Lares call is a favorite among Kittle’s customers and hunters throughout the country for its ability to produce quality sounds with ease, especially during mating season when using hybrid Mallard/Wood Duck Wingsetter whistle technology in regions where hunting regulations require such calls like blue bills or teal that have high-pitched mating cackles as their traditional go-to type of “mating” quack sound (Mallards don’t).

The Magnum Hen is a game-changer for those who are tired of the same old thing. Whether you’re new or veteran, this product will give your love life an upgrade with its ease and success rate! People can’t quit raving about how well it worked – no doubt we’ll have plenty more orders coming in soon enough thanks to all these happy customers flooding our inboxes daily looking for what’s next on their shopping list after figuring out how good jj lares call works (we told ya so)!


We carry top-quality brands like jj lares calls and our staff is always here to help you find the perfect fit. We know that not all duck calls are created equal, so don’t take a gamble on some cheap imitation! The Magnum Hen hybrid-call by JLAring will open up any pond with ease as it emulates powerful hens flying over their marshy habitat demanding attention from other birds in flight or sitting nearby waiting anxiously for something exciting happen next…