Microsoft Office Essentials For Your Business


Using Microsoft Office is a convenient way to do work for your business. You can use Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, and Project Portfolio Server to create, edit, and manage documents. The programs are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, there are certain things you should keep in mind when using the applications.


Known as one of the best word processing applications, Microsoft Office Word offers numerous features. These allow users to create documents, store readymade content, and reuse formatted elements. Word also allows users to collaborate on complicated documents.

Microsoft Word is used to create documents, letters, and business cards. It can also be used to add images, tables, and charts. Word includes advanced formatting features and automation tools, which allow users to streamline their editing tasks.

Microsoft Word supports DOC (Open Office Extensible Markup Language) files. However, other applications may not fully support the features.


Having an understanding of Microsoft Excel can help you do everyday chores in a more efficient and simplified manner. This application is used in almost every business to perform financial analysis and organize data. It is also used for creating different types of documents.

Excel is a spreadsheet editor that is used to store and analyze large amounts of data. It is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Its powerful functions include formulas, functions, and pivot tables. Its graphing tools allow users to create visually appealing analyses. It also communicates with many data sources.


Whether you are creating a product sheet or a proposal, Microsoft Publisher is designed to help you produce professional-looking documents. This app is also well-suited for creating newsletters, business cards, and other marketing materials.

The publisher has a variety of templates to choose from. It also supports HTML and other file formats, such as PDF.

The publisher has several tools that can be helpful, such as the formatting toolbar, which provides several tools that can help you make your document look professional. The formatting toolbar allows you to change the alignment, style, and font of your text. You can also use the format painter to make fonts related to windows appear on your document.


Whether you’re a developer or just looking to access your company’s data, Microsoft Access can help you do that. The software combines a relational Access Database Engine with a graphical user interface. It can link to data from multiple sources and help you create reports, forms, and tables. The databases are multi-user, allowing users to access data without overwriting each other’s work. It also offers an interface for online services, including Office Live Meeting and SkyDrive.

Access supports a number of different data formats. It includes templates for tables, reports, and forms, and can connect to macros. It also supports heterogeneous joins. These joins can be created using Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It also offers error trapping and advanced automation.

Project Portfolio Server

Whether you are planning to launch a project portfolio or just need to improve the effectiveness of your current portfolio, Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server can help. It provides the ability to identify and evaluate project investments while facilitating collaboration across your organization.

The Microsoft Project Server Self-Assessment tool enables you to measure your progress toward achieving your goals. It is organized into seven core areas of process design. You can use the tool to identify areas for improvement, determine where you’re getting it right, and learn about new features.

PerformancePoint Server

Developed as a collaboration between Microsoft and ProClarity, Office PerformancePoint Server combines the power of Microsoft Office with SQL Server Business Intelligence tools to deliver enterprise-grade performance management. The server is built on a model-driven architecture that provides critical visibility into the factors that drive business performance. It empowers the broadest range of employees to contribute to performance management and drive accountability across business operations. Its features are scalable, robust, and cost-effective, and it integrates financial information from multiple systems.

Office PerformancePoint Server includes a planning and budgeting component that is directly integrated with Microsoft Excel. It includes features such as scorecards, financial reporting, dashboards, and analytics. It also includes a query and analysis capability, allowing users to explore complex data.

Activation errors

Activation errors in Microsoft Office can occur for many reasons. For example, if you’re trying to sign in to Office on a new device, you may get an error message that says “Sign In Required.” If you have multiple versions of Microsoft Office installed on your computer, you may also have problems activating them.

If you’re not sure why you’re having problems activating Microsoft Office, you can use the Internet to troubleshoot. This will allow you to check your subscription, check your time zone, and more. Often, these issues can be resolved easily. If you can’t troubleshoot the problem, you can try calling Microsoft customer support.