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Mower blade height – Most people feel that grass should be lower as close as possible to minimize the number of times you must mow. It may surprise one to know that this is false and detrimental to your current grass, your soil, and the environment.

Mowing your turf to the dirt promotes weed growth.

In this article, you will discuss just how high you ought to mow your grass and present some sound advice regarding healthy, environmentally friendly lawn proper care. Read on to learn more.

The most common forms of lawn grass are the upper grasses:

  • Fescue
  • Bluegrass
  • Rye

The typical southern grasses are:

  • Bermuda
  • St Augustine
  • Zoysia

Mower blade height – The upper grasses usually exhibit an upward growth pattern, even though the southern grasses tend to increase through runners. Communicating, it is wise to cut upper grasses to about three inches and southern solide to a length of two in. When you cut shorter than this, you damage the guarana structure and stress the particular grass.

It’s wise to never take off more than about a 3 rd of the blade length of your current grass at a time. If you have loads of rapid growth after water, this may mean doing a substantial mowing on one day, presenting the grass a few days to relax, and then following up with a lower cutting. Be sure to keep your mower incisor sharp (sharpen after every 15 hours of use) to get efficient cutting.

Mower blade height – In some instances, it can be smarter to cut your lawn even higher than the 3-4 inch guideline. A level of four inches is often advisable. This is especially true if you live in any that has blistering hot, dried-up summers (as more and more parts tend to have these days).

If you mow your grass substantially, it will shade the garden soil, hold in the moisture in the ground, and be greener and healthier all through the summer months. Taller grass helps keep the surrounding temperature slightly cooler. If you mow the item to the dirt, your lawn will dry out and cease to live.

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