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Dev |Subhasree | New Bangla Film HD | Kolkata New Film 2018
Forged :dev, Subhasree Ganguly ,Saurav Chakraborty……


Love And Motion Film
Indian Bangla Motion Film 2018
Motion Kolkata New Bangla Film 2018

Abhimanyu Chatterjee (Jeet), a Captain within the Indian Military, returns to Kolkata from Kashmir on vaccation. On his arrival, his mother and father and youthful sisters pressure him to see Trisha (Subhashree Ganguly), who they select for him to be married to. On the bride-viewing ceremony, Abhimanyu makes up excuses to keep away from marrying her, which incorporates commenting about her being old style. Quite the opposite, Trisha is a college-level boxer, who is totally trendy in her outlook. Abhimanyu realises this and proposes to her, which she reciprocates.

In the future, whereas travelling across the metropolis together with his police officer-friend Santilal, Abhimanyu witnesses the explosion of a bus by which that they had travelled. He manages to seize the person who laid the bomb, however he escapes from the hospital the place he was saved underneath custody. kidnaps the bomber once more, and in addition forces the police officer who helped the bomber’s escape, to commit suicide. Abhimanyu quickly learns that the bomber is a mere executor, a sleeper cell, whose solely function was to plant the bomb. He additionally discovers that the Islamic terrorist group Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami, which the bomber belongs to, has deliberate varied such assaults within the metropolis in a few days. Enlisting the assistance of his fellow Military males and Balaji, Jagadish manages to thwart these assaults and kill the sleeper cell chief’s brother and eleven different terrorists, together with the primary sleeper cell.

When the chief of the terrorist group (Sourav Chakraborty) learns in regards to the function of Abhimanyu within the failure of the terrorist assault, he begins to focus on the households of the military males, besides Abhimanyu, by kidnapping somebody near them. When Abhimanyu realises the plan, he substitutes one of many folks to be kidnapped, together with his youthful sister . Utilizing his pet canine and his sister’s dupatta, he manages to succeed in the terrorists’ hideout, rescuing his sister, who was about to be killed after Abhimanyu’s bluff was uncovered, and the opposite victims and eliminating the terrorists assembled there. Asif Ali (Zoheb Ahmed), the second-in-command of the sleeper cells is captured and killed by Abhimanyu.

When this assault fails, the terrorist chief decides to focus on Ahimanyu himself. He asks Abhimanyu to give up to him or else there can be extra terrorist assaults. Abhimanyu decides to sacrifice his life and devises a plan together with his fellow military males. Ahimanyu meets the chief in a ship, which has been rigged with a bomb planted by Abhimanyu’s buddy. When he learns in regards to the chief’s plan nonetheless, which is to reveal Abhimanyu’s military workforce as terrorists and realizing a couple of Muslim terrorist within the Indian defence — Vinod Sharma (Arindam Sil), he fights the chief and escapes with him in a ship. After the ship explodes, he kills the chief. Abhimanyu confronts Vinod Sharma and forces him to commit suicide, and later returns to Kashmir together with his workforce…..,পাসওয়ার্ড মুভি, সাকিব খান মুভি, বাংলা নতুন মুভি, Password Bangla Full Film 2019, Shakib Khan Motion pictures, New sakib khan film, sakib khan, banhla film, new bangla film, kolkata bangla film, indian bangla film, new Kolkata film, newest bangla film 2019, bangla film 2019


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