Online Payment App-A Hassle-Free Way to Make Instant Payments

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Apps are software programs or applications that can be used from a digital device like a smartphone or a tablet. Payment apps have revolutionized the financial transaction industry. It is not just a phenomenon that will fade away with time. It is also not a craze that has touched upon certain parts of the world. Payment apps are being used by most of the Earth’s dwellers across the globe. Whether it is a developing or a developed country, a super-power or an under-developed nation, online payment apps have caught the fancy of one and all. And there is some good rationale behind the same!

Make all kinds of payments using an app.

One of the biggest benefactors of a payment app is that it can be operated right from one’s phone or tablet. Since most of us are already in the habit of keeping our phones with us, even while going to bed or watching TV, sitting at a business meeting, or attending a board meeting, apps downloaded on the phone are within easy reach. These are perpetual with us, anywhere we go and at any time of the day or night. As you usher into the car or wait for the lift to reach your floor, you can switch on your mobile data, open the app, and carry out the payment, completing it almost immediately. 

The phone is in our hands or purse or pocket in most cases. It means that if you remember that you have missed the date for any bill payment, for example, a utility bill payment, you can instantly open the app and, with a few clicks, complete the process. Thus, be it water, internet, or electricity bill payment online, you have a device with you always to facilitate seamless payment, never missing out on the due date.

The best part is that you never have to remember carrying your wallet, as would be the case when paying via cash or cards. Also, you do not have to fumble through your bag or purse last minute looking desperately for the card or cash.

In payment apps, the bank account or credit card details are linked.

This is one of the reasons why it is so easy to use a payment app. Ensure that your cell phone number is linked with your bank account or credit card account to facilitate on-the-spot payments. It means that you have to memorize your banking or credit card details to use the app. This is a big facilitator and the driving force behind the masses loving payment apps and using them so frequently. 

In the contactless era, payment apps are a big savior.

These are the days of contactless experiences. Payment apps have the feature that allows you, the user, to tap or hold at the point of sale and get the money debited from your account. For example, you can scan the QR code from a distance and process the payment. Thus, ensuring that you are safe and do not have to touch or re-touch surfaces that can be potentially contagious.

Transferring money was never this easy.

You do not even have to know the bank account details of another person to transfer money to them. Simply knowing the mobile number will do the trick. In some cases, you will need to see the receiver’s UPI id for prompt money transfer. 

All of these services are free.

App companies do not charge you for using their payment apps. Be it downloading the app, using it to make payments, receive or transfer money, invest in stocks and bonds, buy mutual funds, gold, etc. If an app company charges you a fee for doing all of these activities, you need to ensure the services they are charging for. If you are using a credit card, though, you may have to bear some charges that will be notified via SMS or email. 

Payment apps are secure.

Even if you lose your mobile phone or tab, another person cannot use the payment app until they know your PIN or password. Ensure that you never share confidential information with others to keep it all secure.

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