PDFBear Online Tools: 3 Of The Online Tools You Need To Learn

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Most individuals that are using online documents today are having difficulties with Portable Document Format. The advantage of having a PDF file restricts its users from modifying the contents inside makes it unique. However, the restriction is also a disadvantage; suppose you want to change certain things inside your documents.

Suppose that you are having trouble dealing with the disadvantage of handling your PDF files. You can rely on the functions of an online tool to help you modify it to meet your requirements. Every online tool has its distinct functions that enable you to be productive in your document activities. Hence, learning the online tools first before you use them is a vital thing to do.

This article can be eye-opening into a new world of handling your PDF files. You can use the platform of PDFBear, which is battle-tested by many individuals. The online tools that you may need are available from their platform. In addition, you can also benefit from the fantastic features that they offer for your conversion experience. Here are some examples of their online tools.

The Protect PDF Online Tool

The first topic that we are about to discuss is the Protect PDF online tool. This online tool is the function for handling important documents. Having a quality security system when it comes to handling essential documents is a must. Hence, putting an encrypted password to your PDF files can be a great option to consider.

It would be best if you avoided easily predicting passwords like birthdays, sequence numbers, and personal information. This might limit the reason for the security system of the PDF online tool. Take note that you should put your password for safekeeping. You would be unable to access your PDF file once you have forgotten about the password you have put in the first place.

Suppose that it is your first time using an online tool. Then, you can follow comprehensive instructions, which can be seen each time you click on an online tool from their homepage. Here is an excellent example to give you an idea.

  • Upload your document.
  • Type in the password you would like your PDF file to have.
  • Move on to the next step by clicking the “Encrypt PDF.”
  • Take your new encrypted PDF file by downloading it from their servers.

The Repair PDF Online Tool

When you are handling hundreds or even thousands of online documents, you can most likely encounter a damaged PDF file. This kind of document cannot be accessed given that it has its technical problems. Hence, getting yourself ready to meet these kinds of issues is the best thing to do.

The Repair PDF online tool is another life hack you can use for your PDF files. This kind of online tool helps you to recover the damaged document. The best scenario that you are supposed to have is retrieving the document and gaining access to it. However, this online tool does not work every time, given that there are PDF files with the worst technical problems.

Here is how you can utilize this online tool to your advantage.

  • Upload the corrupted PDF file.
  • Once the upload procedure is complete. It will start the scanning process.
  • Take note that not all PDF files are recoverable. However, PDFBear ensures you that your document won’t get any worse.
  • The newly repaired document is ready for download.

Delete PDF Pages

When you are handling online documents such as PDF files, there are times when you are using a PDF file that you want to remove an unnecessary page. However, the restrictions might be limiting you from doing the stuff you want for your documents. Hence, the reason for an online tool is to help you bypass the restrictions and configure your PDF file.

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