Picking Up Where You Left Off: Following Through Your 2019 Plans

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Have you been feeling drained and exhausted lately? Although you have been at home for the past couple of years, do you still feel tired? Have you been slacking off with work, exercise, and even with your personal life? Well, you are not alone. The recent global quarantine did mess up a lot of people’s lives. Some lost balance in life, and others lost focus. To some people, big plans did not see the light of day anymore, and there are even life plans that were altered because of the pandemic.


Whether you are one of these people or not, being at home for a long time hinders growth, and it is okay if you have had some lapses this year. After all, human beings are social creatures that thrive with their tribe, and whatever those plans you have, you can still make it. This guide will teach you how to pick up where you left off.


Ask Yourself, Do You Still Want It?


Two years of quarantine and working-from-home can change a lot in a person’s life, and that is okay. If you feel like you are a different person now since March 2020, that means you have grown too. Two years ago, you may have been wanting to enroll in a CrossFit program, and before you pick up where you left off, ask yourself, do you still want to? Staying at home without that much physical activity may have caused you to be sluggish with weaker cardiovascular endurance, so you might want to consider something new. You can still opt to do a workout routine, but not something as intense as CrossFit.


That goes with other things in life too. You might have other plans, such as studying again to take your masters or even a new major, but do you still want it without considering external factors? Go with the first thing that pops into your head. Go with your gut is what we are saying, and once you are sure that you still want to continue with your original plans, go ahead. However, if you even hesitated for a small bit, that means you need to consider other factors and how much things changed for you.


Is it Still a Viable Option?


Due to the pandemic, the world has changed quite drastically. There is the work-from-home setup that is here to stay. There are travel restrictions around the globe and daily routines that quite end earlier than. The world has changed, and people need to face it too. There is no way to go back to the “old normal”, and if your old plans got affected by the way COVID-19 changed the way of living, you should ask yourself if it is still a viable option.


Let us say you got engaged before the pandemic struck, and you already had big wedding plans at a plaza. No matter how amazing that sounds, you know that there will be changes to your original plans. Your venue might have gotten an unfortunate and permanent cut, your guest lists might get trimmed, and lastly, your expenses might even go higher.


Why? Because there are going to be viral tests, sanitation measures, and most of all, there are vaccinations that need to be guaranteed for your big day. If your guests are not up to the task to be safe, it is up to you to do something about it. Either you are going to cut them off your list, or you would be responsible for them. It is up to you.


Are You Still Capable of Doing It?


Before anything else, you must keep in mind that plans require your utmost attention and dedication. It may be a personal or fitness goal, but all plans require something from you. It can be your time, money, and even physical strength.


Following the context above about gym and fitness plans, you must make sure that you are still capable of doing so. There might have been changes in your life that require you to sacrifice more to go and attend your fitness sessions. You might have recently become a parent, and you know how much hard work being one is. Starting from making sure your kid grows up to be a good person and to little things such as finding the right pediatricians and children’s dentists. You need to be present every step of the way for them. You might even have reasons concerning your health. Either way, remember that your life two years ago could not be the same as today, so think about it.


The plans you have all had back in 2019 might still stand today, but they could have also changed, and you should allow room for adjustments and compromise. It doesn’t mean you have to let go of them; you should just be sure if they are still the same ones you want.

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