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If like me, you’re born in the early eighties, you are part of the first systems to grow up with a home video game system. So, some of my fondest recollections growing up are the 8 touch characterizations of the simulated venture. For me, it was Super Mario Brothers that started playing long obsession, for others it turned out Link in the Zelda Set, for our more seasoned masters of the console wars it usually is Pitfall, Pac Man, as well as Centipede. Take a look at the basicgamers here.

My hobby started innocently enough, a few hours per day trying to find the right castle just to save the princess. For many folks that first game, this first console in our households opened up many new worlds normally to delight in, but, just as with everything, there was a to calling yourself a gamer.

Societal interactions with peers in elementary and then middle classes were at best tense seeing that clicks formed and game enthusiasts like me ended up cast out of any of the “traditional” groups. For example the Jocks, without a doubt I played sports all of growing up, but I never truly belonged with the Jocks. Even though they spent their time frame following professional players having reckless abandon I was far too busy trashing Bebop in addition to Rocksteady in my endless search for rescue April O’Neil. I became a child of multiple oceans, like many of my neighbors to this day. However, one day, I can’t put an exact time to this, and the perception regarding gamers started changing.

I do recall being astounded by the number of people in my High School that have been gamers, while still traditionally Male, no longer did I find the Clicks in my university separated into gamers and also nongamers, the two have been merging and video games have been becoming a tool to bring folks together instead of a divide. Also to this day a bit of a stigma stays in society when you confess that you are a gamer.

The conference has held that “Gamers” are single, overweight guys, with little, if virtually any, career ambitions, living in their particular mother’s basement, and NEVER EVER BEFORE getting laid. This wave is changing my friends, and also soon we will have to adopt a new reality, causal games have taken over our market and thrown out the events.

The Bad News

Let me describe this transition in a couple of pronged arguments. I will commence with the bad news first. Together with the release of the Nintendo Wii, the field of gaming was changed for a long time. Marketing to “casual gamers” Nintendo quickly capitalized upon an intricate idea. By adjusting the way people view addition to interacting with video games, Nintendo could increase the market beyond often the conventions. No longer were degree gamers the primary focus of Nintendo’s creative designers, they had already lost often the war of the hardware to help Sony and Microsoft, but they also opened a new market having games like Wii Activities and it wasn’t long until finally Sony and Microsoft discovered the dollar signs and thought we would follow suit.

This is not so great for gamers like my family who prefer intricate video game titles focusing on graphics capability, report progression, subplots, and violence of any kind. I want a game that will have me 60+ hours to learn through the campaign, not a acquire party game that our 8-year-old sister can easily play with me. I like to end up being drawn into the world of our games and that market emphasis is dwindling and will slide even further after this holiday season. Microsoft company and Sony are liberating their motion controllers to be able to capitalize on the new industry, while the dedicated fans young boys, and gamers will be offered only morsels of the online games they crave. This is the not-so-good news, on the other side of the coin:


Gamers are getting it in (bow chicka bow wow) more frequently than nongame enthusiasts! According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, a current study suggests that female game enthusiasts have sex, on average, 1 time a week (4 as opposed to 3 times) more than nongamer women. This of course could be the “gamer” tag being placed on a broader portion of people, but I’ll take things I can get. It stands to reason that gamers will tend to come across other gamers when searching for a new relationship. Mutual interest does indeed make for the most rewarding interactions. By that logic, in the event female gamers are having love-making more often than their, not-for-gaming counterparts, then Males gamers are having more love-making than their equivalents far too.

More horizontal tangos going down is always a reason to celebrate (who on their death bed states that “Man I wish I had love-making less while I was living. “? ), but that is a symptom of an overarching difference in the perception of participants. We as a group are turning progress friends, it will begin with more sex and can bring on gamers being recognized in addition to sought after demographic in several parts.

Politics, television programming, and DVD development, as we become an accepted demographic a greater portion of all of our economy, and, in turn, contemporary society, will be tailored to our would like and needs. It will be our world shortly my friends. So stock up on Huge batches of Dew, Doritos, and Condoms because instead of tea-bagging online noobs in Halo you will get to try to maneuver out IRL!

TL/dr: A new study was published suggesting that female game enthusiasts have sex on average 4 periods per week as opposed to nongame enthusiasts who have sex on average thrice per week.

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