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There is so much confusion in the crowd about volts and amps. We often get asked questions about the power supply amp and voltage. It is primarily because of the charging issue we often get with our gadgets. Please note that chargers and power supplies have a wide variety of configurations. It is your task to choose the right one for you and your gadget. There are a few factors to look out for, and we will share that with you today.

Learn Better About The Power Supply AMP

You don’t have to feel shameful if you find these terms confusing or have a lack of knowledge in this area. Your willingness to learn about power supply amp for making better decisions is the energy you need. We will share details about volts, amperage, and polarity in detail for you to grasp it better.

Voltage, Amperage, And Polarity


Please note that the voltage your charger supplies will be a waste if it does not meet your device’s expectations. Therefore, even when replacing a charger, you need to check the voltage mentioned in your old charger. For instance, the old charger supplied 19 volts, so when you are buying a replacement, you have to ensure it is of 19 volts as well.

It is a significant factor as some gadgets are intolerable to variations and it can cause harm to them. If the voltage is off by enough, it will have some severe damage to your device.


Now, let’s talk about the amperage. The amperage provided by your charger can either match or surpass the requirement of your device. The rating (or power supply) mentioned in the charger is its maximum.

To better understand, suppose your device needs 0.5 amps to charge; while your charger is rated at 1.0 amps, the device will only take up 0.5 amps. So it means that even if you use a charger with more amps, your device will take only what it requires.


Before we get into it, you must understand what polarity is. There are two types of polarity, i.e., positive and negative. It represents the electric potential at the ends of a circuit. Now, the polarity between your charger and device must be valid.

The power supplies provide their output on two wires: one as (+) positive and the other as (-) negative. Please do not ignore this factor, as it can cause damage to your device if not considered.


We hope that the above pointers helped you understand better the power supply amp. When you buy a charger for your phone, iPad, tablet, or any other gadget, you can make a better judgment for your chargers. You do not have to be highly knowledgeable about it. If you know these factors, it will help you make a better technology-related decisions in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary for the charger to match voltage with the device?

Yes. It is necessary that the voltage your charger is providing matches the expectation of the device.

If the power supply amp is less than the expectation of the device, will it work?

Do not make this mistake. It is the minimum requirement of your device that should be fulfilled. Ignoring so can cause harm or result in really slow charging.

Can a low power supply amp be one of the reasons why my laptop gets overheated.

Absolutely yes. If the amp is less than what your device needs, it can get overheated.

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