Pronunciation of the "OR" sound in English


On this lesson, I will provide you with a listing of phrases which have totally different spellings however all include the identical vowel sound: “or”. I’ll go over the pronunciation of phrases like “born”, “court docket”, “legislation”, “pore”, “vacationer”, “yawn”, and extra. I’ll reveal each phrase, and you’ll get an opportunity to practise your British English pronunciation with me. Hear intently to British and American English, and you’ll discover that, regardless that they’re the identical language, there are lots of pronunciation variations between them. In British English, for instance, we are inclined to make the R sound a lot much less pronounced, even whether it is within the spelling of the phrase. Additionally, the syllable “or” is pronounced extra like “aw”. So these phrases sound very totally different in British English and American English. Learn the way effectively you perceive this lesson by taking the quiz:

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Good day. I am Gill at engVid, and in the present day’s lesson is on the pronunciation of a vowel sound, and what it feels like is: “or”, and this can be a British English vowel sound. In case you’re listening to American audio system or Canadian audio system, the phrases can be somewhat bit totally different. And in addition, relying on whether or not there may be an “r” within the spelling, People and Canadians do pronounce these phrases in a different way from those that do not have an “r”, as a result of they make the “or” sound of their pronunciation; however within the UK, in Britain, we do not make the “r” sound a lot, even when it is within the spelling.

So, we’ve numerous phrases right here which all have totally different spellings, however they’re all pronounced in British English with one vowel sound, which is: “or”, “or”. So, it is just like the phrase: “or”, and you’ll see I am pushing my mouth ahead after I’m saying it: “or”, “or”, and it is only a spherical form; I am not making any “r” sound with it. It is simply: “or”, “or”. So… and lots of people get distracted, actually, by the spellings and attempt to say the phrase in line with the best way that it is spelt; when, actually, typically that produces the fallacious sound.

So, a phrase like this, for instance… Effectively, with “ght”, in fact that makes it much more tough. However that is simply: “caught”, “caught”. You do not have to attempt to make “au”, “co-… coat”. Some individuals attempt to say: “coat”, but it surely’s not. It is “caught”. Okay? Identical to that spelling of “caught”, it is simply the identical; no totally different. So, that is the case for all of those phrases, even when they’ve double “l” in them – it is “or”, like that. Even when they’ve a “w” on the finish, it is nonetheless “or”.

So, let’s undergo the phrases, and likewise there could also be some phrases you are not accustomed to and I am going to clarify the which means as we go alongside. So, let’s take a look. So: “all”, “all”. You most likely know this phrase – every part; all. This one: “terrible”, “terrible”. So, there is a “w” there however we do not say “wa”, “awa”, “awa”, “wa” like that; it is simply “or” – it is an open, round form. “Terrible”, “terrible”. So, individuals use the phrase “terrible” if one thing is dangerous. In the event that they’re consuming one thing they usually’re not liking the style, they are saying: “Oh, this sandwich. Oh, it is terrible. Terrible.” So, that is “terrible”. And “awkward” is comparable. In case you really feel awkward, you do not really feel snug. You are feeling a bit shy or sad. In case you really feel awkward… At a celebration for instance, if you do not know anyone and no one’s speaking to you, you form of really feel awkward. Okay? Proper.

So, subsequent line: “ball”. So, “ball” – I am positive you already know that phrase; sports activities, soccer. Ball. And “bald”. So, this “bald” is when somebody has no hair; they’re bald. Okay? And a “bore”, this “bore” is when somebody is not very fascinating. You are speaking to them. Perhaps you are at that occasion and then you definitely do discover any individual to speak to, however the individual you are speaking to is mostly a bore – what they’re speaking about is not very fascinating and also you’re doing all your greatest to look , but it surely’s very tough. A bore. Okay. And “born”. When a child is born on a sure date, then that is their birthday. “When had been you born?” Often somebody will ask: “What yr had been you born?” Okay. In order that’s that one. So, you discover by now I am making the identical form with my mouth for each phrase.

So, subsequent line: “name”, to name somebody. “Name”, shout out to them. Name. Or simply merely the title of any individual: What do you name them? You name them by their title. Okay? “Core”, “c-o-r-e”, “core” is the center of one thing. Like, you probably have an apple and also you eat the apple, however there is a bit left within the center, that is the core; that is the within half – the core. […]


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