Pros and Cons of Instagram Automation Tools

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According to the latest data, there are an estimated 1.074 billion users on Instagram. That’s a huge audience that your business could reach as long as you use the right marketing methods.

So how do you make the most of your Instagram marketing efforts? Instagram automation tools. These digital tools can help you track your growth, schedule content posting, grow your followers, and much more.

If you’re still not convinced, here are the pros and cons of Instagram analytics tools.

Pros of Instagram Automation Tools

As a business owner, you understand the importance of managing your time effectively. Instagram automation tools can help you do that. Here are some of the benefits of digital tools.

Saves Time

Using Instagram automation tools saves your business time. Bots automate interactions such as liking posts, sending comments, following new accounts, and more. Your marketing team doesn’t need to spend as much time replying to messages or attempting to boost engagement.

Automation tools keep you active on Instagram, which can help boost your engagement levels in a way that takes less time.


Automation tools and bots use algorithms to understand your audience, grow your following, follow new accounts, and process more data than a human can at a much faster pace using machine learning. Bots can recognize text patterns and send messages in a way that makes sense and sounds natural. This allows the program to effectively answer customer questions and send replies, giving your marketing team more time to work on other tasks.

Automate Instagram marketing to boost efficiency and allow your team to accomplish more throughout the day.

Easy to Use and Cost-Effective

Instagram automation bots are easy to learn to use. They’re straightforward enough that anyone can learn how to utilize them to perform tasks such as liking posts and sending messages.

In addition, it can be more cost-effective for a small business with a limited budget to use automation tools rather than hire a new employee.

Increase Your Following

It’s true that Instagram growth tools can increase your follower count, but it’s important to remember more followers isn’t always better. It’s key to focus on followers that will actually engage with your content, as opposed to accounts that won’t interact with you and do anything for your business.

Cons of Instagram Automation Tools

There are plenty of benefits of Instagram tools, but are there any downsides? Depending on how you use them, there can be some cons to using digital tools on your account.

Feels Impersonal

Using automated tools can make your business seem less “human,” which can appear impersonal. Automated messages and responses can potentially turn off new customers. Using bots too often to send comments or replies can therefore impact your brand image.

May Violate Instagram TOS

Instagram may consider some tools and bots to be spam. Mass following new accounts or creating posts too often, for instance, may seem inauthentic and spammy, and Instagram may ban your account. Certain software may also go against the terms of service (TOS).

Make the Most of Your Marketing Efforts

Using Instagram automation tools can improve efficiency and save you time and money. Make sure you use them the right way to avoid appearing inauthentic. The best strategy is to combine Instagram analytics tools and software with your usual marketing methods.

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