Reasons to go for homestay in Coorg


When you are out of your home, especially on your trip or vacation, then the first thing you will choose is to get a better stay equivalent to your house. The statement holds best for all places especially Karnataka, where the greenery allures you to stay in beautiful places like Coorg.

Tucked in a green environment is the Coorg that is famous for its scenic beauty surrounded by estates and nature. Homestays in Coorg are one of the famous and to be experienced things that give you a great feel of guest with family which you will not be getting in the regular hotels. This is the reason for homestays in Coorg are known to be the best among other accommodation facilities.

Here the guests tend to check the local cuisines, culture, and other amenities provided by the homestay environment which is unique from other places. The homestay offers all basic amenities including bed, breakfast and they can be chosen with Hillview, riverside view, or heritage view.

Here in this article, we will let you know some of the reasons why you need to choose a homestay in Coorg if you are set for the vacation:

  • Unique way of accommodation

People who keep traveling across the year, they might get fed up staying in the hotel where they find the doors next to you or amenities that are shared by the other guests. Lobby remaining occupied, the gym being used by other guests, etc. But when you choose the option of homestay in Coorg gives you a variety of themes to stay, and are endless choices including heritage kind of rooms, culture hand, wilderness or if you would like to stay in estates of the owners, etc. You can also choose rooms that give you a scenic and pleasant view of the river, mountain, or hill, etc. The above reasons might make you choose the homestay in Coorg.

  • Customized service in the homestay

Unlike staying in hotels where they share all the amenities and facilities including WiFi, lobby, gym, and another cafeteria, the homestay facilities in Coorg provide personalized service to the guest who is staying there. Although the rooms are limited, you still have great hospitality and I am sure staying at the home-like outside will cherish your memories later.

  • Safe to stay

The homestay in Coorg is usually run by families or small groups of personal people. These professionals will ensure to take care of things safe and out of their own interest, they ensure the travelers to have a pleasant stay. When you wish to stay out of the house and on a trip with family, a homestay in Coorg is the best place to choose.

  • Enables you to enjoy home-cook and local cuisines

The best reason to choose a homestay in Coorg is that they have undoubtedly the best cuisine and thus make you delighted with their cooking of local cuisine. This allows you to know the taste and feel of local food and let you know about their preparation as many of these professionals are willing to share their secret recipes.

  • Can feel comfort to get anything during odd hours

When you wanted to stay out of your home, with family requiring a special kind of attention at odd hours, you can be sure that the homestay in Coorg will give you the same feel as you are staying in your own house.

When you wanted to access the kitchen to get some milk or other dishes for kids, you can very well go and get things done for yourself. As these homestays are not restricted to use kitchens, you will have a homely feel outside your home. Furthermore, most of the people there are willing to help you to deal with problems when you have them during odd hours.

  • Homestays are affordable

With the overwhelming features and amenities, the hotels these days have become more expensive especially during the peak season. However, homestays offer a hygienic and clean alternative to the hotels and can enjoy better experiences. This homestay will be much affordable and you pay less than you do in the hotels.

  • Perfect for joint family

When you are traveling with a joint family and wanted to sit, enjoy chatting together, then staying in hotels will not provide you the feel of staying together. When you wanted a luxury come to stay together, homestays in Coorg are the best option to choose.

Here you can simply lay your mattress on the floor, role and enjoy your privacy of watching tv with your relatives or friends in the lobby, while some might enjoy cooking in the kitchen. The privacy of having a good time is still possible with the entire family without mingling with the unknown guests as in the hotel.

  • If you are a vegetarian, perfect place to stay

If you are someone who goes with rules and wanted to maintain them wherever you go, then homestay is the perfect option. Especially when you are strict about food, homestay is the better choice.

The vegetarian guests can be helped with cooking of veggies and the local people help you serve you the best dish in just a few minutes and you can also make them in the kitchen as you do in your home. Unlike eating the way they serve in the hotel, you can get the way you want in the homestay.

Other reasons why you need to choose a homestay in Coorg include:

  • Get an authenticate local experience
  • A feel of real home away experience
  • You can feel the tourism beyond trail
  • More peace and worth the money spending
  • The amount is contributed to the local people


When you wanted to set your trip away from home, the homestay is the second home where you get similar amenities as you find them in your real home. With the above reasons for homestays in Coorg, you can enjoy staying in-home at Coorg with experiencing all the best amenities and privacies among your family or friends.