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The consequences of drunk driving in New Jersey are severe, from losing your driving license for three months to ten years. If found guilty, you face jail time, hefty fines, surcharges from the NJ motor vehicle commission, and other DUI punishments.

It is normal to feel confused following your arrest, but the best thing to do is engage a New Jersey DUI attorney to ensure a better outcome for your case. Here is how they can help you.

Decide whether or not to plead guilty.

You may have the option of a plea bargain in your DUI case, which means pleading guilty in exchange for a reduced charge or penalty. It may be a good option in some situations, especially if you are guilty, but this is not something to do without legal guidance. An experienced DUI lawyer can help you decide whether or not to plead guilty and evaluate the possible outcomes of your case beforehand. They know the ins and outs of prosecution and can present your arguments in the best way possible for a reduced plea.

Demystify the complexities of DUI law

DUI law can be complicated to understand, especially if you have not been in such a situation before. Thankfully an experienced DUI lawyer understands all the aspects of DUI law and can give you a detailed explanation of what is at stake regarding your case. Hence, it is only through the expertise of a DUI attorney that you can navigate the nuisances of your charges and possible outcomes.

Eliminate doubts regarding your arrest

Just because an officer arrested you for driving under the influence doesn’t mean you are guilty. There may be situations that can cast doubt on the eligibility of your arrest hence the dismissal of your case. For instance, a lawyer can determine whether an officer acted in a manner to infringe your rights during the arrest and present evidence.

They can also highlight possible matters that could hamper the accuracy of your BAC test or pinpoint field sobriety tests tainted with doubt. Some of these aspects may create doubt and lead to the dismissal of your DUI charges.

Courtroom experience

You can be sure that your DUI case will end up in court, especially if another party was injured due to your reckless act. The victim wants compensation for the damages, and the court is hell-bent on holding you accountable for drunk driving. Only a competent DUI attorney with courtroom experience can get you out of the mess. Even if you are guilty, you are entitled to fair representation in court, and a DUI attorney can ensure the consideration of your rights.

Possibility of a reduced sentence

You face severe consequences if found guilty of drunk driving, and your sentence may last longer depending on the severity of your offense. Luckily, a DUI lawyer can present the best defense to help you ask for a reduced sentence.

The bottom line

You have a good chance of proving your innocence by hiring a DUI attorney.

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