Remembering the 1975 Cricket World Cup

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As is the case with most other sports, Cricket also wanted to have its own worldwide competition. This wish finally materialized in 1975. As this was the year that saw the celebration of the first ever Cricket World Cup. The current edition of the competition can be found on any sports betting website is 1xBet, and it is played in ODI format.

The instance was officially denominated as the Prudential Cup ‘75. This name was chosen due to the main sponsor of the championship being Prudential Assurance Company. It took place in England between the 7th and the 21st of June of that year.

This competition is also present at the sports betting website for making any wager, which is 1xBet, but it shouldn’t be confused with the Twenty20 World Cup. They both are worldwide-encompassing cricket competitions.


How did this tournament come to be

The first cricket matches between national squads were played during the 19th century. However, only in 1912 the first competition featuring more than two squads would take place. This was the Triangular Tournament, celebrated in England. What would be known as the Cricket World Cup came many decades later. But even now, people do the best cricket bet online from 1xBet to have a place in this competition and be a player, not just an observer.

Curiously, the first female Cricket World Cup was celebrated during 1973, two years before the first edition of the men’s tournament. Eventually, the championship was a resounding success. Since success is one of the main goals of 1xBet, making the best online cricket bet experience will allow you to follow the competition from a first-hand perspective.

Summary of the competition

The format of the competition was quite straightforward. There were plans for having eight squads. However, subsequent editions would have changes in format and in the number of participants. The best results of its current editions are at, as well as great betting opportunities.

The ICC decided that the countries whose squads would be at the 1975 Cricket World Cup were:

  • the six nations with Test-status at the time;
  • also, Sri Lanka and the East African team were included, as they were the two best ICC associate countries.

The final match of the competition was between the West Indies and Australia, and was played in London on the 21st of June 1975. The Windies won by 17 runs. Both squads would have great participation in subsequent editions, meaning that betting on them at 1xBet can be highly profitable.

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