Selecting the Best Color Contact Lenses


Chose to change your eye colour and coloured contacts and don’t understand which ones to choose? Find out what the colour contacts market has to offer and which lenses will make your own eyes look most impressive and beautiful. Find the Best colored contact lenses.

Colour lens types

You can get disposable (1 day, two weeks or four weeks replacement schedule) colour lenses and traditional (annual replacement) lenses. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Disposable lenses tend to be healthier for your eyes. First, they are thinner, so the zoom lens lets more oxygen to your cornea. Second, proteins build-ups are less of an issue with disposable contact lenses – keep in mind that they have enough time to build up.

Third, if you replace your contact lenses often, the risk of infection is much less. So from a health point of view, disposable colouring contacts like Freshlook or maybe Acuvue 2 Colors are generally better. Disposable colour contact lenses are recommended if you want to don your colour contacts daily for longer than 6 hours.

On the other hand, the best annual replacement colour contact lenses are hand-painted, while all throw-away contacts are digitally branded. For a colour contact, it is significant not only to give you a brilliant, radiant colour but also to look all-natural. If you look very closely at your eyes, you will see that your espectro isn’t a solid colour nevertheless has various colours and habits. 

Some people have a starburst style, while others have tiny sun rays of yellow or dark in a blue or eco-friendly iris. These patterns and colours give your eyes a feeling of level. Hand-painted lenses, like Durasoft 2, include subtle information and varied colours. This can help to simulate depth and provides your eyes with a very organic appearance.

As you can imagine, hand-painted colour contacts are more difficult to generate, so they are more expensive. This is the cause they don’t come as monthly disposables – very few people might pay 50 dollars or even more for colour contacts that just last a month!

Best colour contacts for dark eye

If your eyes are dark brown, glowing blue or green, your only option is opaque disposable lenses.

Unfortunately, enhancement colour lenses will disappoint you.

The best selections for dark eyes are:

  • Freshlook Colorblends – opaque, monthly throw-away lenses with bright, unique colours and natural shopping patterns. The most popular shades are generally Amethyst, Blue Sapphire, and Green.
  • Acuvue 2 Colours Opaque – 2 7 days of disposable colour lenses that create soft looking colour
  • Durasoft 2 and Durasoft three Opaques – strikingly vibrant yet natural-looking colours. Durasoft is a hand-painted yearly replacement contact lens. Durasoft three looks best, but it is expensive.
  • Illusions – additionally annual replacement, hand-painted colour contacts. For soft lighting, colour chooses Soft Eco-friendly Soft Blue. If you prefer a striking colour, go for Violet, Deep Blue or Heavy Green.

If your eyes and skin are dark, take care not to get a light colour. For example, light green or even blue eyes won’t look natural with bronze skin. So instead, go for deep orange, green or amethyst.

Ideal colour contacts for gentle eyes

If your eyes are gentle, you can wear both opaque and enhancer colour contact lenses. To switch your colour, select sombre contacts because green boosters over blue eyes, or maybe vice versa, can give unpredictable results.

Recommended colour contacts intended for light eyes:

  • Freshlook Proportions – a monthly disposable lens that doesn’t change your all-natural colour but adds detail and makes your eyes seem larger
  • Freshlook Radiance: monthly disposables make your eyes appear vivid and sparkling. Radiance also comes in Eden, Moonlight, Sunrise and also Autumn. The Radiance result is striking.
  • Durasoft a couple of for light eyes: annual replacement colour improved lenses. The lens looks extremely natural because of the carefully decorated pattern and blends of shades. You can get Aquamarine, Sky Azure, Jade Green, Violet Pink.
  • Illusions Soft Blue in addition to Soft Green – tragique annual replacement colour accessories that create beautiful, very light source, natural-looking colour.

Those that have very light eyes really should be particularly careful. Some advanced colour contacts tend to make light source eyes look darker. The remedy here can be quite unusual instructions go for opaque lenses. This simulates light colour as an alternative to enhancers—Soft Green and Soft Blue Illusions may be a good choice.

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