Selecting the most appropriate Balanced Scorecard Software

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The particular Balanced Scorecard is an organizational framework for implementing and also managing strategy at all degrees of an enterprise by relating objectives, initiatives, and actions to an organization’s strategy. The particular scorecard provides an enterprise look at an organization’s overall performance. The item integrates financial measures for some other key performance indicators all around customer perspectives, internal small business processes, and organizational growth, learning, and innovation.

Scorecard Development

Organizations often start off the scorecard process by means of reading one of the many books on the topic, attending a meeting, or doing web exploration. The Balanced Scorecard is often a mature methodology, and there are quite a few resources for introductory education, schooling, and consulting.

Once the organization has committed to the method, a third-party facilitator (e. r., the Balanced Scorecard Institute) is often brought in to manage in addition to bringing an unbiased perspective to the scorecard development practice. Scorecard development can be very super fast (five days), or providing a year, depending upon the chance and complexity of the scorecard and organization. Many firms elect to go with a rapid as well as intermediate approach, which guarantees project momentum while analyzing that score-carding is an iterative process. It is often better to produce and correct mistakes early whilst the organization is still excited about often the methodology.

The initial scorecard job is typically done with Microsoft Surpass, PowerPoint, and/or Word. As the scorecard matures, the organization should consider rolling out the method to the rest of the organization. Often the goal is to connect all the employees to the organization’s ideal objectives by using the individual as well as group measures that are “on strategy. ” This will help institutionalize the new measurement structure within the organization.

Sustaining often the Scorecard

The premise of the Balanced Scorecard is to offer an ongoing, living framework that may be communicated to the organization. The particular scorecard needs to be sustainable and rolled out. Scorecards must leverage technology to provide robotic links to measures, text messages, and initiatives. Ultimately, the particular scorecard should become an area of the organization’s culture and employees’ work experience. An easy-to-release and embrace web-based method will allow for rapid roll-out and also a sustainable scorecard initiative.

Lifestyle and Connection

Once the scorecard is developed, it is important to culture it into the organization. This will likely help link groups and also individuals to the strategy. This will be significant because everyone needs to understand the cause-and-effect linkage of how they connect to the organization’s performance. The goal is to change the strategy into the staff’s “everyday speak” and recognize measures of success that will link to the overall strategic way. As we connect and the website link, the culture of the business changes to be strategically targeted.

Using a software product allows everyone in the organization to help clearly understand the cause-and-effect interactions so they can execute the tactic, align the organization into the strategy, and provide measurement as well as a continuous feedback mechanism to produce corrections to reach the desired ideal state.

Balanced Scorecard Technological know-how

When choosing a Balanced Scorecard technological know-how solution, an easy-to-use in addition to a powerful web-based solution that really needs little or no IT involvement is really important. The solution should allow for often an on-demand hosted alternative (“score-carding as a service”) as well as a local installation.

Key Attributes (what to look for when choosing the solution)


Look for an alternative where development and deployment are done through a web browser. Cross-browser compatibility is preferred. Treatments using the latest J2EE engineering and Ajax-style page changes are in-line with the hottest developments in web technological know-how.

Ease of Use

Select a solution that is definitely extremely easy to use. Choose a solution that functions like personal computer software using the left press to navigate and select to develop. Also, look for solutions where data can be come into through the web interface, loaded from a CSV file, as well as automated with a database network. Products should be as easy for browsing a web page as well as shopping online.

Strategy Atlases

The key to a good Nicely balanced Scorecard is the strategic place. Any product selected ought to have the ability to create strategy atlases with drill-down capabilities. Tactic maps often start out as a blank canvas to which you actually add images, shapes, and text, in addition to numbers to create a visual counsel of your data. Once you generate a strategy map, however, often the colors and numbers easily update based on the real records in your system. Strategy atlases can also be used to track key metrics and visualize geographic data, in addition, to monitoring trends.

Cascaded Scorecards

Organization-wide Balanced Scorecard roll-outs require multiple cascaded scorecards. This allows the organization to start in first place on the house and roll on to the department, group, or even the employee level. Look for goods that allow for unlimited cascaded scorecards. Organizations should be able to drill through to be able to sub-scorecards or individual determine views. The entire organization must be able to roll-up information from numerous scorecards into higher-level scorecards.

Balanced Scorecard Views

Organizations should select a solution that includes many different ways to visualize Well-balanced Scorecard information. Further to the Strategy Maps reviewed above, other views can include Navigational, Executive, Review, Metric, and Analysis.


Look for products that allow for discourse on each level of the scorecard. It should be possible to create feedback that is either general or perhaps period specific. Alerts, like when your metric needs changing (Notification), or when your metric turns Red (Push) are necessary communication components.


The answer will allow for Balanced Scorecard “Aligned Objectives” to be easily produced so that scorecards can demonstrate the performance of their own objectives and also measures, or of helping objectives across various scorecards.

Automated Scoring and Weighting

A scorecard tool must allow for automated scoring and also weighting of structure factors. Build your structure, define the particular weighting, enter the measure ideals, and watch the scorecard “colour-up. ”

Initiative Management

Several initiatives will come out of the Well-balanced Scorecard process. Look for goods that have full-blown motivation management modules to manage these kinds of scorecard initiatives. It should be achievable to create tasks and milestones and assign them to men and women or groups. All of the info should be visualized with superior Gantt charts.

Report Creating

Reporting is still necessary to perform scorecard initiatives; getting suitable information, to the right people, and the right time is important. A good solution may come with a built-in report article author that contains canned reports including Red Metrics Report, Dull Metrics Report (missing values), and Metric Comparison Survey (compares metrics within in addition to across scorecards). The tools should likewise allow the user to pull records out of scorecard databases for ad hoc reporting. Often the report writer should support slicing and dicing connected with performance data and the chance to create exciting Flash appearance graphs.

Integration to Personal computer Tools

The solution should encourage the user to export equity graphs, reports, and scorecards to help desktop applications like Ceramic ware Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Surpass, and PowerPoint.

Briefing Guides

The tool should develop online briefing books to help consolidate data for managing, groups, or users. Conjunction books should be easy to build by browsing the Well-balanced Scorecard model and incorporating views, reports, and charts. Once the briefing book is established, it should be easily viewed on the internet or exported to Pavement Acrobat, Microsoft PowerPoint, Phrase, or Excel.


Well-balanced Scorecard tools come in just about all shapes and sizes starting from desktop applications to ERP modules. Selecting the right tool will depend on your organizational requirements. The essential premise, however, should be the solution supports an organized approach, while being simple to use, easy to embrace, and routine in terms of achieving results. A cost-effective, simple-to-use, web-based product that requires no IT involvement is ideal.

Content is written by Clive Keyte, Overseer at Intrafocus Limited. To learn more about the Balanced Scorecard and also Strategy Planning, be sure to look at the resources section of the Intrafocus website.

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