Seven things you should keep in mind before buying a local SEO package

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You’ll have to ensure that the right people work behind it to optimize your website visibility. These people would be an extension of your team. Communication, thus, should be easy, and the people in it should be reliable. To make this decision, you should keep in mind a few qualities –

  1. The Company’s specialties and services

When selecting a company, you should look at its area of expertise. They might be offering specialized services. Say you run a tech website, and they’re tech SEO experts, then they would have more experience on the local SEO words, rebranding the website, making it more visible to customers, etc. They further will be able to explain this better with case studies. Moreover, you must consider if the SEO company offers more than just local SEO packages and services.

  1. Check References and Reviews

You will need to do some due diligence before opting for your SEO company. So, for this, you must check all the reviews on the website. You might also want to ask for references for the websites that the SEO company has worked for. You can take their information, call them, and know more about whether the SEO company’s service helped them gain more visibility. This definitely will aid you in making a more deliberate decision.

  1. Check their portfolio and case studies

To know more about the Company and its work in the past, you might want to check out its portfolio. It will give you a good idea of the website they’ve worked with, how they’ve helped them etc. If a company does not have a portfolio, you might want to ask one of them. They will be able to give you information on the work they have done or have been doing.

  1. Research the team and the Company’s motive

This is an important step in determining if you want to hire that Company. You might want to look for its team member’s profiles on LinkedIn. There are high chances that they are connected to one of your connections, and thus, you get the chance to ask the latter about their experience. Ethics is a quality to strive for, and it should be reflected on the Company’s page. Also, your values should be inclined to the Company you work with. So say you might want to hire a company that focuses more on work-life balance than on a company that plays emphasis on communication.

  1. Make sure the practices are industry standard

SEO is also a service that can be handled in many ways. You may have heard of the terms “white hat” and “black hat” before? Well, make sure your SEO company follows a strong code of ethics because if they’re taking shortcuts to rank your website higher, your website and online reputation could be at risk. Make sure all the SEO practices being implemented are industry standard.

  1. Follow them on social media and read their blog

Since they’re SEO experts, they will run a blog that imbibes all their techniques. You might want to follow the same and see if they match your needs. It will let you know more about its business without directly speaking to them. One thing to note is the audience or followers of an agency tend to be others in the advertising and marketing industry. So, don’t be taken aback if you don’t feel like the content is written for you.

  1. Ask for their fees and contract

Agencies are structured differently. You might want to know more about the fee structure – wherein they take the money all at once, or they take money depending on the visibility that the website reaches. How do they calculate the money they charge and many more such questions. For this, you must research the fee structure that such agencies usually take and thereby make a reasonable decision based on your choice. You might also want to get the contract reviewed by a contractor.

Local SEO packages are easily available. This can make choosing the right company a challenging task. Therefore, you must do your research and buy the most affordable SEO package on the market. That being said, reliability and the quality of work are factors that should not be dispensed with.

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