Shipping software for eCommerce Fulfillment

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In the world of eCommerce, as an online seller, you must deliver your products or services without fail and within a particular time frame. After all, to gain more customers, the post-purchase experience you provide must be outstanding. Find about CartonCloud.


If you are unable to deliver the products within the time frame, your customers will tag you as unreliable. Hence, you require a proper shipping solution, which you can attain with the help of shipping software. You can also include a pick-up at the nearest lockers or stores.


So, if you want to know how to choose the shipping software for eCommerce fulfillment, you can continue reading this article.


Why is eCommerce shipping software a necessity?

Many eCommerce logistics software developers are helping small and medium-sized businesses by developing the perfect shipping solution. You can ensure that the order fulfillment process is effective and efficient with the shipping software.


It is crucial to invest in the right tools because eCommerce businesses have to face pressures from the market. According to data, 78 percent expect websites to deliver their products within a week, whereas 54 percent cancel the order due to high shipping fees.


Hence, it is necessary for eCommerce or online retailers to meet the needs and requirements of the consumers. If you don’t, then your competitors can gain an advantage. If you have the best logistics and delivery software, you can ensure that the cost of shipping will be cut down. Plus, you will have more delivery options to provide.


How to choose the right shipping software?

Online retail businesses differ in the areas of service, workflows, processes, size, and so forth. Plus, they have to deal with shipping and order fulfillment. There are many shipping software on the market, and you must choose the appropriate one in order to meet your needs.


Well, shopping for it can be a challenging and daunting task. Hence, you must identify your requirements and determine the areas of improvement. So, read further and learn how to choose the right shipping software.


  1. In-cart rating and checkout: You must offer competitive shipping options if you are interested in closing the sale. Well, many online retailers provide slow shipping without charging the customers. You will also find retailers who charge a flat shipping fee.


Shoppers prefer to have more options. For instance, if the shoppers want a gift to be delivered at the last minute, they will opt for quick shipping instead of the free but slow shipping options.


If the merchants are unable to deliver on time, you will see abandoned carts on your website. You will find software with in-cart rating tools that can display the rates of shipping at checkout when merchants are connected to the API. Plus, your last mile operations must be sufficiently strong.


  1. Order tracking: Did you know many customers expect visibility on their orders? Shoppers are keen to know the location of the product after ordering from the website. Hence, it is vital to provide them with real-time updates.


When you offer them visibility, they will purchase from you each time. Additionally, your order fulfillment process will be in control. You can even provide automated real-time alerts in their registered email or phone number.


It can provide assurance to your customers that the product will be delivered within the given time frame. You can save costs and manual labor by updating the customers about their products.


  1. Third-party logistics: Expanding your business can lead to delayed deliveries and piled-up orders. Hence, you need a perfect shipping solution like the third-party logistics or 3PL provider.


If you don’t have enough space for your warehouse or you want to expand your reach, you can definitely opt for the 3PL services. They have most of the expertise, which other merchants don’t. They can support your business growth with the appropriate manpower, equipment, tools, and infrastructure.


You will find some 3PL providers with multiple warehouses in different locations, which enable swift and economical shipping. You can integrate your software with your 3PL provider’s software for more updates on timely deliveries.

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