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Launched in 2015, Singapore Watch Club has established an impressive social media following and hosts monthly soirees for members. Tom Chng outlines its core values of passion, sincerity,, and humility as reasons behind its success. What do you consider about singapore watch club.

As part of its sixth-anniversary celebrations, the Club and Cartier have collaborated to design 18 exceptional watches across six models – Cloche, Tonneau, Santos Dumont Tank Asymetrique Cintree, and Tank Louis Cartier.

About the Club

Since 2015, The Club has provided a place for watch enthusiasts to gather and share their passion. Members also benefit from workshops to develop skills and expand their knowledge.

As part of their sixth-anniversary celebrations, the Horological Society collaborated with Cartier on 18 special-edition watches that echo some of their iconic shapes, such as Cloche, Tonneau, Santos Dumont Tank Asymetrique Cintree or Tank Louis Cartier Tank Asymetricique Cintree or Tank Louis Cartier Tank Asymetrique Asymetricique Tank Cintree Tank Louis Cartier Tank Asymetricique Cintree or Tank Louis Cartier Tank Asymetrique Asymetricique and Tank Louis Cartier Tank Asymetrique Cintree or Tank Louis Cartier Tank Asymetrique Cintree or Tank Louis Cartier respectively; these unique watches represent each year of existence for Club.

Tan envisions 33 as a venue where watch collectors can feel comfortable discussing their passion with others who share it rather than feeling intimidated or pressured into membership by collection value or value-driven arguments. He notes that genuine interest in horology should be the main criterion for joining, rather than the value being the measure for entry. He takes this principle further when running the Club himself – wanting it to provide an environment where members can discuss any piece without feeling threatened or intimidated.

The Cartier Collaboration

SWC joined forces with one of the oldest watchmakers, Cartier, to celebrate its sixth anniversary by unveiling 18 Special Edition timepieces inspired by Cartier’s signature shapes: Clave, Tonneau, Santos Dumont Tank Asymetrique, and Tank Cintree – these watches represent SWC’s three core values of openness, curiosity, and excellence.

Cartier joined forces with TED this year to host an event that showcases female impact entrepreneurs such as Amal Clooney of Clooney Foundation for Justice fame; Wingee Sampaio, Cartier Women’s Initiative global program director; Nadine Labaki, an actress-director and change agent; Blake Van Putten co-founder of Helex who’s mission is gene editing as a viable treatment option for high burden diseases without a cure; Wingee Sampaio Cartier Women’s Initiative global program director, Wingee Sampaio Cartier Women’s Initiative global program director; Wingee Sampaio was responsible for organizing this special evening event!

T Galleria by DFS Group currently has 420 boutiques globally, such as Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and Bali. Cartier watches can be purchased in these boutiques and other luxury outlets run by LVMH Group worldwide; Store Specialists Inc (SSI LIFE) in the Philippines is exclusively responsible for Cartier distribution in their market.

The Ulysse Nardin Collaboration

Tom Chng, a former Deloitte forensic litigation specialist turned watch collector who decided to make an impactful statement within Singapore’s world-class horological community in 2017 through watch collecting, established The Horological Club as an influential collective and has since grown exponentially – with an emphasis on supporting independent brands that have earned it widespread support from members.

Ulysse Nardin and One More Wave’s partnership showcases their commitment to raising awareness of important issues through watch design. A special edition Diver Deep Dive timepiece honoring this organization was produced as part of this agreement.

Ulysse Nardin has long been considered a leading name in marine chronometers for ocean environments, making them the perfect partner for the One More Wave event. They collaborated with FIL& FAB – a French start-up that recycles disused fishing nets into high-grade polyamide granules known as Nylo, which were chosen to build the timepiece’s case and bezel as a symbolic sign of environmental responsibility – to craft this official timer of One More Wave event.

The Hublot Collaboration

Hublot has long sought to partner with standout personalities, and their collaborations with high-profile athletes showcase the power of watchmaking as a uniting force. From legendary pop band Depeche Mode to superstar football manager Jose Mourinho, Hublot has established its name by forging partnerships that resonate across various demographics.

Hublot has collaborated with DJ Snake to craft an exclusive watch for his anniversary celebrations. A global music icon, DJ Snake has performed at events such as the FIFA World Cup Russia closing ceremony, climbing the Arc de Triomphe, and topping charts worldwide.

This limited edition watch boasts straps in tartan fabric – a colorful woven fabric popular in the 1970s – and its face features the artist’s smiling flower design topped off by nearly 600 black diamonds – symbolizing passion, sincerity, and humility, exclusive to SWC members and associates only. It represents both art and complex horology in one unique package.

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