Some Construction Apps That Will Help to make Any Contractor’s Life Less difficult


Being a lead contractor ensures that you often have to wear numerous hats when dealing with several aspects of construction projects. Listed here are four awesome apps for your iPhone and iPad that may be taken on the go. The programs listed below help contractors reduce costs of four areas that need to be dealt with in almost any construction job; performing advanced calculations, estimating expenses, drawing up designs, and managing forms and studies. What you ought to consider about Werkzeugverwaltung.

Build Calc – Innovative Construction

Build Calc has been designed with one goal; to repair everything that was wrong with other construction calculators and one comprehensive calculator that will help streamline calculations regarding contractors. Build Calc provides streamlined all of the advanced capabilities and eliminates the need to move through many steps to get the mathematics you are looking for. When using almost any advanced functions, you can get the outcome of your calculation within 1 or 2 presses of buttons.

Many of the advanced functions that are the most notable apps are the advanced baluster function, the advanced stairway function, the fence function, fascinating functions, and much more. 42Nd Simultaneous is the developer of this software package, and they take pride in continuously bringing up-to-date the calculator with more enhanced functions. This app can be purchased in the Apple store for the iPhone and iPad and is well available in the Android Market in addition to retailing for $19. 99.


This app is essential for any contractor or expense estimator. This app provides so many excellent features, and what I am listing here is only the tip of the iceberg. You can find built-in project templates for typical construction jobs as a baseline for creating job estimates. The app includes a barcode scanner that works with all of the products in different Home Depot stores.

You got it. You can create an entire set of materials needed for a project and, after that, go to Home Depot and scan in the items to overall up the exact cost of required supplies. The app should go as far as email quotes to your customers, so you may even need to pick up the device. There are also many built-in finance calculator functions and a lot more. This app is currently limited on the iPhone and sells in Apple’s app store for $19. 99.

Construction Superintendent – Journeyman

This software, created by Construction Centrics LLC, is relatively new to The apple company app store and is currently limited to the iPad. This specific app aims to develop a system of report sharing of many different areas of a construction website. This app provides a complete set of reporting forms that can be tailored for the construction supervision team to use to successfully monitor an entire construction job, share information,  and ensure it stays on schedule. This software retails for $99. 99.


This app was made by Martin Fabrizi Carianni and is available in The apple company app store for both the iPhone and iPad. This app is probably the most advanced CAD system on a smartphone or gadget. Some design features contain parallel offset, preloaded things, editable object layers, measurements, and over a dozen more, which are undoubtedly only the standard design attributes.

Many more advanced design attributes and tools include polyline, sketch, and text size. A great benefit of this software package is that drawing a person requires an internet connection to help you to create designs on the go. From a recent update, cadTouch allows you to save work in the same format as on a more regular computer.

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