Some of the Challenges and Opportunities in the Field of Workforce Housing: As Put Forth by Maxwell Drever

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The workforce housing crisis is increasing day by day, and the rate at which the preventive measures are being implemented is far from reaching the needed outcome. There’s so much talk about the issue in every part of the country. But only a few understand the seriousness of it. Some are not interested in treating this matter seriously as it doesn’t concern them. But they forget that when a large section of the population is affected by it, the problem will impact the lives of others. The disparity of availability of workers for the low wage jobs, transportation problems, a low success rate of the local businesses – are a few of the issues that all the people, in general, are facing. The country’s economic growth has been hampered to an extent. If this continues, it will affect the other sectors of society. Immediate intervention is needed to solve the workforce housing crisis. Else, it will be too late to treat the problem’s massiveness. Maxwell Drever has pointed out some of the challenges one can face and opportunities while treating the crisis. 

The challenges

  • Lack of resources 

The initial challenge that affordable housing projects face is the lack of resources. As the construction costs of such projects have been kept minimal, the resources needed to build such houses exceed the limit. Moreover, technological innovation cannot become a part of the construction plan as they too are unaffordable for the projects. 

  • Delay in deciding the priorities

The local municipalities cannot envision how they want their neighbourhood to look in the coming decade. The issue of homelessness is not on their priority list.  

  • The inclination of the developers towards the path of least resistance

As seen in most businesses in the real estate industry, too, the developers prefer to opt for the path of least resistance. Due to the unavailability of economic tools, developers are not willing to undertake projects related to affordable housing. 

  • Not our concern

Many overlook the issue as ‘not our concern.’ They believe that someone else will take care of the problem. They fail to identify the problem as ‘our problem’ and the nation’s problem. 

The opportunities

Maxwell Drever has even pointed out the opportunities this sector can offer the people. Some of them are –

  • The developers who will first take the initiative and start working on these projects will gain an edge over other builders. They will lead with their earned experience and expertise.
  • Once the municipalities can set their priorities, initiatives can be taken to figure out how to address the problem. There will be an inflow of demand for affordable housing, and people related to this field will have new job opportunities at hand. 
  • Local business owners will be able to recruit low-wage workers. The regional economy will take a turn for the better. And, thus, the economic condition of the whole country will improve.  


The availability of affordable housing is crucial for the overall development of society. It will secure the future of our next generation as children will experience stability. It will reduce the crime rates and make every place a better place to live. It is in our hands to take immediate action to curb the severity of the crisis and bring around a change.

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