Stealth Shorts Review: Is it really the worst ever?


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Today, I will show you some of the positive and negative Stealth Short reviews that will make you decide either it’s good or awful (as everyone says).

Let’s be clear that most of the Stealth Shorts Reviews are so bad, and not encouraging at all. So, today I will provide you the positive and the negative Stealth Shorts Reviews of the customers to let you decide for yourself, let’s get started…

Stealth Shorts Review

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Positive Stealth Shorts Reviews

Now, as I told you, most of the reviews are honestly bad, let’s start with the average or almost good ones…

  1. Stealth Shorts’ customer service is quite good. They initially offered me a 50% refund, which I declined, and then they gave me a complete refund (takes a few days to go back into account). The response time was over 5 minutes.

    I give these people four stars for excellent service. I’m pleased with how they handled it, despite my reservations after reading the critiques here. If they truly designed these shorts in the United States with quality in mind, they might have a wonderful product, rather than the cheap Chinese quality they now have.

    Quality is rated one star. Excellent concept, but please put as much care into the clothes quality as you did in the advertising.
  2. After reading some negative reviews, I canceled my order and received a full refund back onto my credit card, just as their customer service representative promised.

    I cannot fault their transparency, the speed with which they auctioned my request and refund, and the overall positive customer service experience I received.

To be honest, I didn’t find one single good Stealth Shorts review of the quality or the delivery, I don’t think this is a very good site to order from!

On the other side, there are lots and lots of bad reviews, let’s see some of them…

Negative Stealth Shorts Reviews

  1. These are forgeries. I bought 5 pairs of pants that didn’t fit, as well as 2 shirts. It’s terrible that they don’t state in the advertisement that they’re from China.

    There is nothing like the advertisement; they do not fit, are poorly constructed, the size difference is CRAZY, and they will not refund your money.

    There is no phone number; everything is done via email. Not to add that the first ones took 4 MONTHS to arrive!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM
  2. I bought one pair and they are NOTHING like the pictures. Uncomfortable and unattractive. The inside lining isn’t particularly snug, so you’ll almost certainly need to wear underwear.

    Side pockets are shallow, allowing items to tumble out. In terms of the “Stealth” pocket, it appears strange to raise the leg of your shorts to get your phone out in public. I never put them on. Nowhere, not even on the couch.
  3. I ordered it 25 days ago. Still haven’t received it. After many attempts to contact customer support, there was no answer.
  5. The items are of very bad quality. The stitching, material, and fit are all extremely low-cost. I bought two mediums and got one 3XL and one XXL. I did eventually obtain a refund, but I would caution anyone from purchasing anything from this organization

I don’t think I need to complete it! Most of the customers agree on the bad quality, bad service, and scams. Don’t buy from there!

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Should I buy stealth shorts?

The quick and clear answer is no!