Steps to achieving work-life harmony

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Most of us grew into adulthood being told that we have to find a balance between our work life and personal life. This pursuit feeds the belief that we can perfectly separate our personal lives from our professional activities. However, time has proven that life is too complex to be compartmentalized with precision on what we do, when, and how we do the things we decide to do.  You would agree that what works today may not deliver the same results tomorrow. Besides, you cannot divide the time equally between your personal life and your work activities. Thus, we must learn to adapt to the changes around us while creating the rhythm that brings harmony to our lives.

The narrative is therefore no longer hinged on the desire to attain balance but rather the need to reinforce work-life harmony. Work-life harmony tends to boost your productivity as an individual as well as your role execution within your organization. This guide shall discuss the concept of work-life harmony and the steps to implementing the principles to produce high-level results for you.

What is work-life harmony?

Work-life Harmony is described as the recognition of the interdependence of work and personal lives to deploy tools that empower an individual to achieve both his personal and professional goals. Work-life harmony does not accommodate having to sacrifice one area of your life for the success of another area. It integrates every area of your life within a framework that promotes productivity and accountability

What steps do you need to take to achieve work-life Harmony?

Work-life harmony is not far-fetched when considered on the grand scale of things. Nonetheless, there is a need for guidance on the steps to achieving harmony. It is pertinent to state that the steps are not restricted to those listed below but, for starters, it is recommended that you begin your journey adopting the principles that include-

Creating a blueprint

It is recommended that you have a self-assessment of your present state in different areas of your life. You should be able to identify which areas of your life are of importance to you and what your best life looks like in the identified areas.

You should have a journal or a notepad to write down your discoveries. Most people call this process of reflecting on your values, past lessons, and desired outcome, goal-setting, or planning. Notwithstanding, there is a need for you at this point to get writing materials including but not limited to a book, pen, and a few color notes.

If you intend to make the blueprint more personal using customized products, then a Parker pen should be on your purchase list. The Parker pen designs allow you to engrave the theme of your blueprint as long as it is not more than 20 characters. The essence of working with a theme is to centralize your personal growth plan while embracing your ‘WHY’.

Defining your priorities

In doing this, you must first understand that having a ‘perfect’ work-life balance is not realistic because there are times when work may require more of your attention, while on some days, you may have time for your hobbies or other personal engagements. It becomes important to define what matters to you at every specific phase and give your utmost attention to it. You should work with the goals mapped out in your blueprint to prioritize what task is important in achieving work-life harmony.

Once you can identify your priorities, you should determine your most productive time and block it out. If you are a person more inclined to work during the morning hours, then work-related activities should be attended to in the morning. You should not spend that time checking your emails, social media handles, or phone apps. To achieve optimum productivity, endeavor to abstain from time-wasting activities as abstinence helps free up your schedule. Consequently, this affords you more time to rest.

Staying optimistic

You need to have a positive mindset to explore the opportunities inherent in this lifetime. This does not come automatically to anyone but rather requires making deliberate choices that align with your desired outcome. Thus, you should develop beliefs that support your desired outcome while letting go of the self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.  It is often said that an optimistic person sees the glass half-full. One way to stay optimistic is by focusing on yourself as against accommodating the thought that anyone is better than you.

When you can build a strong sense of self, then you find it easier to adopt healthier lifestyle options. You disengage from fast-track living and begin to focus on the quality of your life. This includes creating time to meditate, exercise, eat healthy meals, rest, among others.

Our society may appear fast-paced but always remember that you have control over your choices now more than ever. You can channel your energy into what matters the most to you. Besides, technology may not give you the free time you need, but you can leverage on it to create systems that support your desired outcome.

At this point, to get you started, grab a parker pen and write down three things you can improve on to get you ahead on your path to achieving work-life harmony.

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