Stone Boy – Hindi Television Serial Episode -1 Half -1

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Synopsis : Ajith and his sister Archana need to shift to a brand new nation as their father’s job will get transferred. They get admitted to a brand new college. Initially they discover it troublesome to befriend their new classmates and find yourself preventing with many. The schoolmates usually are not prepared to simply accept the brand new classmates Ajith and Archana. Ultimately, they arrive to learn about a mountain known as Stone Boy. There’s a legend about this mountain that lengthy, way back there was a poor farmer/milkman boy. He was having very unhealthy days due to his poverty. He owned a goat and promoting that goat’s milk was his supply of revenue. Daily he used to exploit his goat and went promoting milk. Sooner or later when he was returning dwelling from his enterprise, he noticed an incredible scene. A gaggle of very stunning fairies had landed on earth and have been having fun with dancing and singing. He noticed their entire “leela” or singing and dancing by hiding behind a big stone. Ultimately a fairy occurs to catch him having sneak-peak. The fairies get very offended upon him and curse him. However the poor boy pleads for forgiveness. One of many fairy feels pity on him, and asks him to make a promise. The fairy says “From now onward, you’re going to get affluent. All of your issues will get solved. All hurdles in your life shall get eliminated. However solely whilst you hold this secret that we fairies go to this place on earth. You shall need to hold this secret. In the event you ever inform this to anybody, all of your prosperity can be misplaced and you’re going to get remodeled right into a stone on that prime mountain. You’ll be able to solely seem on being known as as a traditional human being as soon as in fifty years, for simply three days. Bear in mind you’ll be able to seem again as regular human being solely when somebody climbs to that mountain, and calls you from the depth of his coronary heart. After three days of your coming again to people you shall once more be remodeled into stone for an additional fifty years ready for somebody to name you. This could be your punishment for not protecting our secret.” Saying this the fairies disappear.

Ultimately, what fairies mentioned begins changing into true. The boy begins getting extra revenue from enterprise. He begins getting richer. However jealous villagers cannot stand his progress. Sooner or later they power him to inform the key of prosperity. The boy can’t hold silent when entire village is forcing him to inform the key. So, he begins telling them the key. No prior to he utters the key his physique is remodeled right into a stone of arbitrary form and shifted to the height of the mountain. That mountain known as because the Stone Boy since then.

When Ajit and Archana hear this legend, they consider giving a attempt to name again Stone Boy. They climb up that mountain and name him to return again, however Stone Boy doesn’t seem.

Once more they begin dwelling their regular life. With the issues of not having anymore new mates within the new nation.

Ajit and Archana consider giving a another attempt to name again Stone Boy. This time they take note the truth that they should name him from the depth of their hearts. In order that they sing a really touching track… ” Aaa gaya hoon paas tere, chod ke sab yaar mere, karle mujhse dosti, Stone Boy…” They succeed. The stone boy comes again to life. Stone Boy helps Ajit and Archana make new mates, and he additionally needs to get pleasure from his long-awaited three days life. So the threesome get pleasure from for 3 days. After three days, Stone Boy has to return to his stone kind. And the story ends with a really emotional scene of Stone Boy getting remodeled again into stone.


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