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Okay, starting our Swimsuit for all reviews, we must let you know that Swimsuits for All has a consumer rating of 1.39 stars based on 239 reviews, suggesting that most consumers are unsatisfied with their purchases.

Swimsuits for All is ranked 156th in the Swimwear category (one of the worst).

Swimsuit shopping can be a stressful, vulnerable, and unpleasant experience. It’s even more frustrating when your favorite retailer doesn’t sell an attractive style in your size, or when all the ones in your size are afterthoughts.

Swimsuits for All reviews: Swimsuits for all has been in business since 2005 and continues to push the style and size barriers in the women’s swimwear sector. The company creates fashionable, size-inclusive women’s swimwear in sizes 4 to 40.

Its collection comprises one-pieces, bikinis, swim skirts, tankinis, and cover-ups, and most of its suits are under $100. Even if they are more expensive, you can generally purchase them at a significant discount during one of the brand’s frequent online sale events.

Positive Swimsuits for All Reviews

Let’s agree that most of the Swimsuits for All Reviews are bad, let’s start with the positive ones and compare them with the negative reviews later.

  1. I purchased three bikinis, all in size ten. They fit perfectly, were lovely, and the customer service was excellent. I had to call since the shipment took a little longer than expected.

    However, I am aware that coronavirus created shipping difficulties for several firms, and that they were also short on staff owing to the epidemic. I like my suits, and I can’t believe how many others have allegedly had problems with them. I must be one of the fortunate ones!

Honestly, I’ve searched a lot to find another good review, but I didn’t! most of the reviews are negative and critical, let’s see why people hate Swimsuits for all so much!

Negative Swimsuits for All Reviews

  1. Ordered it on May 24th. It “sent” on June 17 and was paid to my credit card, but the tracking number supplied indicates that USPS is still waiting for the item – that just the label was generated.

    Customer Service stated that they are unable to assist till 30 days had gone following shipment. So, $66 out, and the rest of the summer without a swimsuit at BEST, where most sizes are already out of stock. VERY DISSATISFIED.

  2. I bought a swimsuit from Swimsuitsforall.com in July of last year. Even though I spent more than $100 on the swimsuit, it didn’t last even 6 months due to the faulty fabric. The firm will not stand by their goods and maintains that they may only be returned or exchanged within the first 60 days after purchase.

    Avoid the business at all costs! I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing from them.

Swimsuits For All Reviews

  1. I should have read all the Swimsuits for all reviews before purchasing a pair of swimsuits from this website. All the reviews are accurate. George’s customer service was atrocious. He has no concept of what customer service entails.

    After reading all the reviews, I should not expect my order for at least a month. By then, summer vacation will have come to an end. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS WEBSITE.

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What happened to Swimsuits for all?

Swimsuits for All is an online store that specializes in women’s swimwear in sizes 4 and above. It was created in 2005 by current CEO and President Moshe Laniado and was bought in October 2014 by Full beauty Brands, a New York-based plus-size apparel brand.

Is Swimsuits for all a US-based company?

Swimsuits for All, Inc. sells and buys swimsuits. One-piece, bikinis, swim dresses, chlorine resistant, underwire, cover-ups, and various suit suits are available from the company. Swimsuits for All is a company based in the United States.