Taking Care Of Your Brussels Griffon Dog With Natural Ingredients

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The need to be healthy, fit, and active is not solely for humans, animals need to be health conscious too for a better quality of life, the difference is that they don’t have the voice to communicate it with us. This is why we need to be proactive in our thinking, our actions, and the way we implement ingredients into our pet’s diets.

Too often we get caught up in the flashy advertising campaigns we see in-store or on TV and think that the companies or brands have our pet’s best interests at heart. For some firms, this may be true, but at the end of the day it is the revenue and sales that pay the bills, am I right?

So be careful with mass-produced generic food brands and products, they may not and most likely won’t have the full spectrum of minerals and vitamins your pup will need to sustain his appetite and nutrition.

Healthy pets.

What is considered a healthy pet, is it its meals, daily exercises? Let’s take a look at a few key factors that contribute to your pet falling into the ‘healthy pet’ category.

  • Mouth. You may not think it but a healthy, fresh breath is a quick indicator of the condition of your dog. It is essentially the door to his health and the first place of concern when something is wrong. See here https://www.quora.com/How-do-you-check-a-dogs-mouth for more information on the topic.
  • Coat. This may seem obvious but many pet owners aren’t aware of what their pet’s fur or hair should ideally look like. You want it to be shiny, clean, and not matted from being untrimmed and even worse unkept. There should be no excess oils causing it to be greasy so be sure to check regularly and wash using the appropriate products.
  • Weight. While some owners think that a fat dog is cute and cuddly it can be highly dangerous for their health, obese and overweight pups will have a higher risk of heart conditions and other ailments that go along with it. Your dog should be lean and strong, suitable to the breed.
  • Bowel. If you haven’t been cleaning up your dog’s bowel movements for a while you need to be worried, they are most likely constipated and are struggling to pass a blockage. Speak to your vet about an over-the-counter prescription you can give to get things moving and ease your pet’s discomfort.
  • Personality. We all know our pets and how they usually behave, their personality in a sense, and when something is off you will notice straight away. Find the underlying problem as soon as you can before anything worsens.
  • Ears. Along with the mouth, these should be odor-free, and clean. Check them whenever you have a moment and even more so if they have had a rumble session with the kids in the garden.

Suitable products.

Finding the right ingredient for your dog’s diet is especially important if you have a pedigree and specific type of dog breed, as some animals do better with tailored and personalized meals, and have better health.

You need to think about the ingredients that you add to your furry family members food bowl, are they organic, grown naturally, and even better do you have your own vegetable patch? Or, are you trusting the products on the supermarket shelves that seem to sit there for months without spoiling? And if so have you done careful research into why they can last so long?

Think about the quality of the food your pet needs, if you are thinking about making a healthier change to their weekly menu but not sure where to begin, then consider looking at the Holistapet dog guides to give you a helping hand and to start your healthier food option journey.

Industry professionals have the expertise and knowledge to offer sound advice, but also to guide you as to which products are better suited for your pet. They will help with suggestions determined by the age and weight of your dog which believe it or not is a big factor if they are needing sustenance to grow and to fuel their endless energy levels.

Transitioning pups as they grow is also a factor to keep in mind, while some pups of the Brussels griffon breed tend to eat 3 square meals a day at set times to aid in proper bone and muscle development, this will eventually need to be weaned down as they age and become less active. If you remain on the same food plan you run the risk of an overweight or obese dog which can cut their life span significantly.

Negative effects.

While watching a full day-worth of YouTube videos on owning a dog may help with raising a pet to some extent you need to look further, understand the genetic makeup and history of the dog, why it is built the way it is, and for what purpose. A Brussels griffon is well known for its show-stopping and winning appearance so be sure to focus on those elements.

If your pet is overweight (read about it in this link) you are opening the door to a whole lot of complications and veterinary clinic visits, and besides, did you not take on the responsibility of owning a pet to do so to the best of your ability?

Take care of your furball with good food choices, healthy, organic ingredients, and give them the quality of life they deserve.

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