The Best Answer To How Many Volts To Charge A Phone

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None of us can live without our phones. Forget children even adults are so addicted to it. And when we put it to charge, it feels as if our patience is getting checked. Hence, some chargers claim fast charging to avoid this long wait and make things quicker.

You may have noticed that your phone gets charged quickly on some chargers, while on others, it takes slightly more time. This is because so many people think it is related to volts and ask how many volts to charge a phone? So we are here to address this issue today and let you know the honest answer on why this happened.

The Best Answer To How Many Volts To Charge A Phone

People are often confused about the volts and how much it takes to charge a phone. As per some testimonials, some USB chargers provide better-charging speed while others are prolonged. The difference is in hours. Some individuals also mention that connecting a USB cable between my phone and laptop also charges it, but why does it take forever? Hence, sit down and learn what makes these changes occur.

Why Does the Charging Speed Differ?

You need to focus on the source of charging instead of how many volts to charge a phone. How to do that? Read it below.

Getting amped

Chargers come in different sizes, shapes, and qualities. We all are so involved in the other features that we overlook the most crucial factor: how much charging power they provide. Chargers take our line voltage that goes anywhere between 120 and 220 volts. They convert it to 5 volts and charge your device. Power provided over USB cables is 5 volts, period.

Volts and amps

Many people get confused between the concept of voltage and amperage. We will make it easier for you. Volts are the size of the force that sends electrons through the circuit. At the same time, amps are the unit of electric current. So when it comes to USB connectors, the size is fixed at 5 volts. So the only thing you can control is amperage. It affects the speed of charging directly.

The USB specification

Now that you know that voltage should be 5 volts, the amperage of the USB data connection of your computer should be within half an amp. Unfortunately, this unit is not enough today, resulting in slow charging. USB chargers, however, have no such limitation.


We hope it is clear how many volts to charge a phone you require. And what are the things you need to know about the best way to charge your phone fast? We would recommend using a charger that comes with your phone because that is made primarily in a way that would give the best output. If not, you can always opt for others that would give similar results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many volts to charge a phone?

You can get 120 to 220 volts from the line to charge your phone. It can come down to as low as 5 volts if you connect it with a PC or laptop.

Is it better to use a charger from the same company as the phone?

Yes, it is preferable to use the charger of the same company as your phone. It is because of the design and technology that is used to make both would connect with each other better than the rest.

How to know the output specification of my charger?

You can know the output specification of your charger easily as it is mentioned on it somewhere. You can see the tiny print of it that could say Output 5.1V (5.1 volts4) and 750mA as an example.

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