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Today, we will give you a quick and full Monki Clothes Review, it will include the history of Monki Clothes, Ethical or not, and some positives and negatives of the brand based on some of the most trusted reviews, let’s get started.

Monki Clothes Review

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The History of Monki Clothes Review

Monki, an H&M-owned brand, was founded in 2006 in Sweden to empower young women throughout the world to commemorate sisterhood and inspire everyone to develop their distinctive style.

According to the brand, sustainability is at the heart of all it does. Monki aspires to promote global change, thus it has taken a firm stance on being compassionate and empowering since 2020, coinciding with two of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): SDG 5, gender equality, and SDG 12, sustainable consumption, and production.

Environment and Labor Conditions of Monki

Monki has taken some positive efforts in terms of the environment, employing eco-friendly materials such as organic and recycled cotton.

Monki intends to obtain exclusively recyclable or sustainable materials by 2030 and has a CanopyStyle-approved strategy to prevent deforestation in its supply chain of ancient and endangered forests.

The company has also established a science-based aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its operations and supply chain, but we found no indication that the brand is on course to fulfill that goal.

More crucially, Monki exhibits fast

 characteristics such as on-trend styles and frequent new arrivals, making it difficult for us to assign it a grade higher than ‘It’s A Start.’

Monki is also rated ‘It’s A Start’ in terms of labor. Monki achieved a score of 71-80 percent on the Fashion Transparency Index, indicating that the brand discloses thorough information about its supplier policies, audit and remediation processes, and a list of suppliers at the final stage of manufacturing.

It contains some information on the second and initial stages of manufacturing, as well as thorough information regarding supplier audit findings, forced labor, gender equality, and freedom of association.

Almost none of Monki’s supply chain, however, is certified by labor standards, protecting worker health and safety, livable wages, or other labor rights.

Monki has the initiative to increase salaries in its supply chain, but there is no proof that it is currently ongoing. Finally, while Monki has disclosed certain plans to safeguard suppliers and workers from the effects of COVID-19, their execution is dubious.

Monki Clothes Review: Positives and Negatives

Now, let’s see some pros and cons of Monki clothes to decide either it’s good and underrated or just bad:

Positive Reviews:

  • I adore the clothing they sell; they are both fashionable and adorable. All my Monki packages arrived on schedule as well. Tops, on the other hand, should be purchased in a size smaller (or buy multiple sizes and return some)

    The quality of clothing is typically excellent, however, the shirts from my most recent purchase were made of very thin material and looked nothing like the original photo. Overall, I would suggest this establishment.
  • This store is quite inexpensive and sells high-quality clothing. I tried on everything from pants to jeweler and received nothing but comments.

    Their non-wire bra line is the greatest and most attractive (yes, it is possible), plus they offer an outstanding and quick clothing recycling service.

Negative Reviews:

  • I spent £10 on express delivery. three days ago,:( There is yet to be an update on whether the shipment has been sent.
  • The quality is HORRIBLE, the size is HORRIBLE, and returns simply do not function (you order a pickup, the delivery company that’s supposed to come to pick it up has no clue about it, no matter how many times you request through Monki website and then Monki asks you to go send it via post and pay for shipping.)


Is it worth buying from Monki?

It’s not bad, but it has some bad reputation; if you are the type of person that wants to try new things, this may be the one for you!

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