The Best Music Promotion Platforms and Services

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It would help if you had to promote your music; thus, it shouldn’t be the least of your worries. You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about how tough it is to promote music. We’ll go through the numerous platforms or services for music promotion in this tutorial to assist you to decide which ones to use:

Soundcloud is number one.

Soundcloud is a fantastic place for musicians and DJs to share their music and mixes. Through its network of artists and companies, this platform has helped spread the word about music, making it simpler to locate individuals who have similar musical likes simply by searching or browsing. Another advantage of Soundcloud is that you may work with other musicians right on the platform.


Mixcloud is a service that allows users to post and share their music recordings. It also enables users and listeners to engage in real-time. Getting your account verified will make your profile seem more genuine and legitimate if you want greater visibility. Only active accounts are granted this permission (but you can acquire it even if you don’t have an active account).

3. Reverbnation is the third stage of the Reverbnation process.

Reverbnation allows musicians to get greater exposure by creating multiple channels on the platform. It enables users to display and listen to music they wish others to see and hear.

One of the advantages of this platform is that it will automatically show your tracks in Google searches for simple access by others. Isn’t it fantastic?

4) Click on the sound

Soundclick isn’t as well-known as the other sites on our list, but it’s just as helpful when you need something different.

This program gives consumers direct access to major labels throughout the globe, allowing them to interact with people who would otherwise be unable to do so. It also enables you to submit your tunes freely.

5) Watch videos on YouTube

Whether it’s a lyric video or an actual music video, many musicians use YouTube as their main outlet for marketing.

This is because YouTube has the most significant number of users regarding youtube music videos. Millions of people watch them every day, making promotion on this platform simpler than on any other. Furthermore, unlike Soundcloud, which charges a $10 monthly fee only to advertise your work on their network, you may easily avoid promoting your work on YouTube by creating playlists of your uploaded music or buying adverts. It is effortless to promote youtube video. You may communicate more with your viewers and followers by posting lyric videos instead of conventional ones.

6. Twitter

Twitter is a popular social media platform for promoting your music and reaching out to new listeners and followers. All you have to do is follow the accounts related to your music, communicate with them, and provide links to your music so that people may listen to it. Because there are millions of tweets written every day, it also helps if you utilize hashtags for each post to make it easier to discover the message. You may also share YouTube and other website URLs. As a result, you’ll receive even more exposure than Soundcloud does, which isn’t surprising given Twitter’s more extensive user base.

7) Use of Facebook

Facebook, like Twitter, is a great place to promote your music and share links to it. Facebook makes it simple to develop custom link shorteners, enabling users to share URLs without revealing personal information, similar to how Twitter does.

Only generating excellent cover art for the track is tricky. However, if you want good-looking covers, some services can assist you in creating them based on your type of music or album artwork. You also have access to advertising options that make it simple to advertise your work.

8) Distrokid is a game developed by Distrokid.

Distrokid is an internet service created specifically for artists who only wish to sell tracks digitally rather than via other platforms like iTunes or Spotify. It costs $19 per month and allows you to sell your music on any online music retailer that accepts it. Distrokid also provides unlimited uploads, so you may routinely release EPs or albums without worrying about wasting money on storage space.

Bandcamp (nine)

Bandcamp is a website for musicians who are just starting in the business and want a simple approach to grow their fan base by publishing free material regularly or paying for it if they want to.

It’s basically like any other website in terms of functionality.

What sets it apart from the competition is its structure, allowing users to obtain tunes directly from the website rather than via a third-party site, making it more straightforward for listeners to purchase songs online.

If you choose to, you may utilize Bandcamp as your primary source of revenue, selling products there rather than on larger platforms like iTunes.

10) Hype Generator

As the name suggests, it’s a platform for folks who wish to make their music famous and well-known. It’s not so much an internet service. It is a website where you can quickly discover new music by following your favorite artists or listening to suggestions from individuals who share your tastes.

You may also submit your music here if you first join up (it’s free). This service only displays the most popular songs, enabling you to avoid unwanted publicity if your song isn’t one of them.

11. Beatport

Beatport is one of the essential sites for independent electronic musicians since it allows them to participate in remix competitions where they may create their versions of famous songs, similar to how MTV’s Amp 2.0 works.

Other competitions are held on this site, so if you want your music to be promoted, you have a chance if you have the ability to make fantastic remixes or even original work that will help you establish your name as an electronic musician.


Is my Myspace account still active? Yes, since many listeners stick around here and listen to new music daily, even if it isn’t at its height anymore, owing to continual adjustments made by its management team. Suppose you’re an independent band or a single artist. In that case, you may build buzz by promoting your music directly or asking for adverts. You’ll gain more admirers on this site than on other platforms, but only if you know the business and its laws.

13) is the premier YouTube promotion service, assisting you in generating traffic, and increasing views, likes, and subscribers, among other things. So, start to promote YouTube videos to reach the right audience. 


In recent years, the music business has flourished, allowing brilliant musicians with enormous ideas to realize their ambitions finally. Whether you’re just starting as a musician or already have a following, today’s technology makes it simpler to share your music online. These sites may quickly raise your number of listeners and followers. 

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