The Current State and Future of PC Gaming

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Computer gaming has had a roller-coaster history, with constant hurdles against the healthy world of console gaming. Computer gaming is currently in a state of popular demand, with more people building their computers, entering tournaments, or using their setups to stream their gameplay. One of the main reasons for the high interest in PC gaming is the affordability of hardware capable of playing AAA games. Outside of lower prices, social factors have influenced the state of PC gaming; continue reading to find out more. 

Lockdowns Boost Demand

The global pandemic forced many businesses to close their physical workspaces, which led to people working from home. This meant that people were buying computers to facilitate their work. However, as we all know, having a break from work is essential for bringing down stress levels. Therefore, the demand for gaming PCs increased because of the need to escape from the world of work. Unfortunately, combined with logistical issues, this demand led to a global shortage of computer chips, which damaged sales in some areas. 

The Gamer Profile Has Changed

Traditionally, the stereotypical gamers looked like the “comic book guy” from The Simpsons, which worked to give PC gamers a hard time. However, fast forward to the last few years, and everyone has started gaming, including well-known actors like Henry Cavill. Thanks to celebrities and influencers using social media to talk about the PC gaming world, demand has increased considerably.

A Toxic Minority Exists

Seeing influencers that don’t fit traditional stereotypes for gamers is excellent, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still room for improvement within the community. Unfortunately, the power of a PC for gaming also brings the ability to hide behind a keyboard, which means there’s a minority out there that can spoil the fun for others through trolling and abuse. 

Gaming needs to be positive, and work is being done to remove any potential barriers, with manufacturers and initiatives collaborating to encourage everyone to participate in the gaming world. In addition, the awareness from computer businesses has increased demand from groups of people that might have felt marginalized within the gaming community. 

The Future of PC Gaming

The gaming world, primarily PC gaming, has a healthy future on the horizon. Advancements in tech have allowed for gaming laptop RTX features that push the boundaries of realistic scenery lighting. As well as improved gaming graphics, the release of the Steam Deck, which brings the power of a PC into the portable space, was met with enormous demand and praise. 

Beyond tech advancements, the increase in “gaming as a service” subscriptions is on the rise, with the likes of Microsoft and Sony letting people play games on any device through the cloud. In addition, gaming communities use communication platforms, including Discord and Twitch, to make friends in ways they never thought possible. 


Gaming for PC has had a colorful history marred with competition from the console industry and a negative stereotype for gamers. Now, the world has changed to the point where anyone and everyone is turning to PC gaming, which means the future is bright.

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