The Differences Between Tarot and Oracle Cards.


A lot of people tend to forget the difference between tarot and oracle cards. With tarot cards, a specific structure is followed in that, you will find various designs of tarot cards with decks mostly based on the Rider-Waite system which is currently the most common system today. It contains 78 cards that have broad meanings and are consistent on all decks. However, when we talk about oracle cards, we mostly refer to other types of spiritual card decks. Here there are no rules and the themes, the number of cards, messaging and artwork all vary from one deck to another. It is always advisable to go with your intuitions while choosing the best set of cards, to receive the right results to vibe with.

Tarot cards:

Tarot reading works by offering story-telling in all types of cards. Each card has a representation of a specific human experience and as a result, most readers tend to develop many cards to assist in shedding the light on the inner situations and workings of the people. These cards are very important in terms of wanting to understand the dynamics in your relationship, making predictions, receiving your daily advice of the day, and even seeing what is going to go on between all external circumstances and you. It is almost impossible to understand the meaning of all the 78 metaphorical cards without ending up stressed. You are advised to start with a straightforward and small oracle card. Tarot reading requires a lot of practice and training but the oracle method remains; your intuitions are the reason why symbols are translated into pieces of advice that answer all our questions.

Some examples:

Indie tarot decks.

Indie tarot decks are very different from all the other tarot decks. They have independent designs and do all the deck printouts themselves. It has a relatively small circulation ranging from 600-1000 sets resulting in too much attention on the deck quality making their prices higher than other publishers. The publication process is taken care of by the designers as they often search for investors via crowdfunding so the cards can be published. In most cases, a deck always starts as an indie tarot deck before being discovered by other publishers.

Moonchild tarot.

Originating from the invention of the Starchild Tarot, the Moonchild tarot is a perfect tool used mainly in meditating that was crafted to be on the same line with your light. This will assist you in discovering the new world of medicine and magic through shining, playing or even diving inside the deep sea waters of your heart. Its unique design is motivated by the hand-built box and ancient chests containing items of magic and sacred relics. Its edges are filled with gentle latticed patterns and in addition, its surface has a grooved and carved feeling and is designed with details to the touch that are all printed. You are probably wondering how Starchild is compared to this deck, while Starchild is galactic and superconscious, the Moonchild tarot tends to be grounding and subconscious, the go-ahead to shift inside realms of works of shadows, acting as the new channel of soulful introspection, and the major mutation power of triple goddess and moon. Get yourself a copy of these decks and enjoy a perfect experience.

Divine Feminine Tarot.

The divine feminine tarot involves you being invited to reclaim your lost power and has a spiritual tool that improves your instincts. Continuing to work with this deck is a sacred practice and you must remember that you have your answers to all your questions. You can decide to dive inside your heart and discover the church of love inside you then you will receive what you lack.

Soul Cards Tarot

Soul card tarots are reminiscent images that are meant to alert the wisdom of the soul. Each card has no meaning that can be concluded and no book that you might want to refer to in the action of searching for an answer. By following these few simple steps, you will allow the beginning of the insight to your soul;

Start by thinking about your current situations in life.

Randomly draw a card.

Stare at the image and do not interpret it.

Define what you are seeing in the image

Relate what you’ve seen in the image with your issues.

Most people still come up empty when using soul card tarots and in this case, you might want to ask yourself what it is you’re protecting or avoiding concerning the issue, then go ahead and draw another card.

Accurate AF Tarot.

You will want to explore the unearthly dreamscape world of Accurate AF Tarot. It is layered with pastel-hued artwork filled with symbolism and imagery. It helps to provide focus and change all vague thoughts. The cards were developed and designed to motivate all readers in conjuring the power that was within them. Purchasing cards that are circular and decorated with a gold gilt edge, gold foil highlights, and a very soft laminate finish brings another level of luxury and depth experience to your tarot reading. In simple terms, accurate AF tarot gently invites you to strengthen your relationship with yourself on an emotional, spiritual and mental level.

Final thoughts.


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