The Evolution of Rostering: From Pen and Paper to Automation


Electronic Rostering is an essential part of any organization’s operations, regardless of size. Historically, rostering was done on pen and paper,, which proved time-consuming and cumbersome. Many companies have chosen to move away from this method and instead opt for a more efficient way to manage this with electronic rostering or rostering software. Let’s take a closer look at what rostering is and why it’s becoming increasingly popular in modern businesses.

What Is rostering?

eRostering or Electronic Rostering is defined as using electronic rostering or scheduling software to create employee schedules automatically. This type of software allows managers to quickly input working hours, shift patterns, job roles, locations, etc., while also allowing them to adjust schedules easily if needed. Not only that, but rostering also offers features such as automated roster building, employee self-service capabilities, leave tracking, time & attendance tracking, labor cost analysis tools, and more. With all these features combined into one platform, it makes managing employee rosters easier than ever before.

Benefits of Using rostering Software

Several benefits come along with using rostering software for business operations. For starters, it can help reduce errors associated with manual data entry since information isn’t being retyped multiple times across different systems – meaning less room for human error. Additionally, when you automate the process you can save valuable time since employees don’t have to manually enter data each week. Lastly, because some systems integrate with payroll services it can help streamline the payment process so there’s no need for additional manual calculations or paperwork when paying employees their wages.

As technology continues to evolve so do the ways in which we manage our business operations – specifically with regard to creating employee rosters and managing shifts & hours worked by staff members.Electronic Rostering  software offers companies a streamlined solution that helps save time while reducing errors associated with manual data entry processes. If your organization hasn’t already looked into implementing an automated system like this then now may be a perfect time!

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