The Lazy Man’s Guide To Truck Drop Fenders

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There are many different fenders available in the market to choose from. However, the right truck fender is the one that protects your vehicle from debris and dirt. Moreover, they also prevent the spray from tires to land on the vehicles behind and the people moving on the side of the roads. The different types of fenders available in the market to choose from are truck drop fenders, semi-truck fenders, full tandem fenders, quarter fenders, etc. Also, many drivers wish to customize their trucks by adding little changes to their fenders. This guide will help you choose the right fenders for your truck by listing out the important factors to consider before buying a drop fender.

  • Select the correct type of fender

A drop fender is a type of fender which is extended five inches more than a conventional fender. The increased length of the deep drop fender provides additional coverage against the road debris. The deep drop fender is available in different options, and below them are mentioned. 

  1. Full Fenders

On the rear axle of your truck, which is generally the drive axle, there are several options present to choose from. However, the full fender is one of the popular options which is chosen by many truck drivers. The full fender is a single fender with a flat top that covers the two rear axles of your truck. This type of fender is one of the safest options for your truck and can protect different parts of your truck effectively. 

However, since these types of fenders cover a large amount of area over the tires, it makes access to some of the parts of the trucks difficult. Most of the drivers who have installed the full fender complain that they cannot check the tires for wear. Moreover, some drivers have complaints regarding the coupling and uncoupling of tires.

  • Half Fenders

The half fenders are similar to full fenders, but the only difference is that they are shorter in length when compared to a full fender. The half fender is designed to cover one axle, and it barely reaches the starting of the other axle. The half fenders are designed with a long straight section that runs over the tire on which it is placed.

The half fenders provide a sufficient amount of barrage from road debris and slush. Moreover, they provide extra access to the part of the vehicle, especially on the tire, which is not covered by the fender. The half fender is cheaper than the full fender, and it is mostly famous with the truck drivers who have a low-sitting cab as they are less obstructive.

  • Quarter Fender

A quarter fender is a type of fender which is used to shield only a certain part of the tire, and it can be used on both single and double axles. These types of fenders are quite efficient in providing minimal barrage against debris and slush. 

The quarter fender is the cheapest compared to any other fender and is also the easiest to install. The quarter can protect the vehicle from debris up to a certain extent. If the requirement for protection is more than that, then a larger fender should be employed.

  • Select the Fender material.

Selecting the material for your drop fender is essential. One should select the right kind of fender material depending on the area in which they will drive their truck. A realistic analysis of the road conditions on which you drive will assist you in choosing the material for your fender.

Depending upon your choice, there are a decent amount of materials available to choose from for the truck fender. One of the oldest choices for the fender is the metal fender. The metal fender is manufactured using aluminum and steel. Steel is of high strength and is highly durable under different weather conditions. Moreover, if steel is maintained properly, it can increase the attractiveness of the truck.

The other materials which can be used for truck fenders are fiberglass and plastic. Fiberglass is generally used by high-end truck drivers for their work. The fiberglass fender provides flexibility in choosing colors according to the color scheme. However, one drawback of the fiberglass fender is that it can easily catch scratches and dents. Therefore they require frequent service and repairs. Moreover, these fenders are also available at a higher price than any other fender.

Plastic fenders are highly durable, flexible, and lightweight. Moreover, they can bear a large number of dents and scratches. Also, the plastic fenders are durable under sub-freezing temperatures. Hence, plastic fenders have gained popularity in recent times and are observing an increment in application on trucks.

  • Choosing the right side of the fender

Once you have chosen which type and material you want for your truck fender, it’s now time to choose the correct size for your fender. Ideally, the perfect size of the fender is the one that is present over the tire and maintains a sufficient gap between the tire and itself to prevent any contact. 

According to the convention, an ideal fender maintains a gap of 1.5 inches from the top of the tire and 0.5 inches on the sides of the tire. If the distance is lesser than that, there are chances of contact between the tires and the fender. Whenever you choose a fender, tire size is mentioned in the model. Thus every tire will have a specific fender. So, whenever you go to buy a fender, select it based on the tire size of your vehicle. 

Moreover, when choosing the correct fender, you must look at the amount of spray protection you want and consider the amount of access you want for inspecting your truck tires. Also, the lip on the fender is great for blocking the road spray. However, excess lip area around the fender can hinder removing and installing the tire.


Thus, before buying a fender, one should examine their needs and then finalize the fender of their choice. Also, they can visit several online websites to review products and then decide the fender they want.

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