The Milwaukee Top Off 175W Power Supply


Milwaukee Top Off 175w Power Supply

The Milwaukee TOP-OFF 175W Power Supply allows you to charge your small electronics and devices faster and more reliably, reducing your downtime. It features three outlets: a 175W AC outlet, USB-A 2.4A, and USB-C PD 45W. These outlets are great for charging your small devices, but they won’t be helpful if you need to charge more than one device at once.

Milwaukee’s high-capacity models can keep devices powered up all-day

Several high-capacity models from Milwaukee let you stay connected to your tools even when they aren’t plugged in. The compact Milwaukee M18 portable power supply comes with a metal rafter hook for hanging it from lumber or a cart. This feature makes it easy to set up a charging station for a mobile workstation that keeps valuable electronics within eyeshot. It features one M18 5.0Ah battery for reliable power.

The Milwaukee M18 High Output battery pack is designed with larger 21700 cells than standard batteries, offering 35% more power and runtime. Its thermal management system ensures the battery doesn’t overheat, and the batteries are significantly cooler to operate. They are also designed to provide greater runtime than a standard 18-Volt Lithium-Ion battery.

The ONE-KEY system ties tools and equipment together with a cloud-based network. It allows users to access and track hundreds of tools. This technology was originally developed in Milwaukee’s Lithium-ion cordless tools. The Milwaukee brand consistently overinvested in battery and tool electronics, and they’ve been leaving the door wide open for innovation. One-Key makes connecting with multiple One-Key compatible tools easier and faster.

They maintain full power even when all the ports and plugs are in use.

One of the great things about Milwaukee’s Top Off 175W Power Supplies is that they’re always ready to go and can keep their charge even when all of their ports and plugs are in use. The compact power supply can maintain its full charge even when all of the ports and plugs are in use, which is an important feature for cordless battery tools. Other brands’ adapters can drain the battery even when they’re not plugged in.

The Milwaukee TOP-OFF 175W Power Supply’s balanced design maintains full power even when all of its ports and plugs are in use. Its USB-C PD port is 45W, allowing it to charge your device quickly from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes. It can charge up to three devices simultaneously, reducing battery drain.

They come with a metal rafter hook.

The Milwaukee Top Off 175W Power Supply features a built-in metal rafter hook and an AC 120V outlet. This cordless power source is compatible with all Milwaukee M18 batteries. In addition to its cordless capabilities, the Top Off offers a five-year warranty. The M18 Top-Off features a parallel power delivery system that maintains full power even when all ports and plugs are active. You can charge up to three devices with the same power supply, but not all at once. This will drain the battery faster.


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