The Role of Family for Addiction Recovery


Some people have problems in life and we can’t deny that our lives are very dynamic and flexible. Sometimes we have some cases that involve one of my family members. Some families may have their own strict rules for their children because parents have their own parenting styles for their children. Unfortunately, teenagers are so vulnerable therefore they really need family support as one of the main factors to support their lives. Some teenagers may have a lot of issues about life and society because psychologically teenagers want to explore so many different things in life. Basically, there are so many reasons that can happen in our lives and our children need to be protected by their parents and families.

One big problem that occurs most of the time in the family is the addiction of their children. Some people in society also make their own stereotypes about addiction in general terms. This is the time that you need family intervention. Addiction is a complex and chronic disease, but it can be reversed through certain treatments.  The main issue that we see in society is that there are so many people who are giving their own perceptions towards others. In fact, a lot of stereotypes in our societies create gaps for some people. Psychologically, stereotypes are not good at all because humans are unique and they have different characteristics. There are also a few different traits or personalities that people have in general and we can’t force some people to be exactly the same as us. It is not a big thing if we can accept everyone equally. Addiction happens because of so many different factors because we all live our lives differently. Unfortunately, some people still see addiction as a victimless crime because nobody thinks about it as a true crime.

Therefore, some people show their efforts to create their comfort zones through a few things, and drugs and alcohol are the common options for some people. Some people also underestimate addiction as a victimless crime because they think that the only individual that gets the abuse is the one who abuses himself with his addiction. The bottom line that we can get about addiction is clear that some people may not care enough to help others who are actually victims of their addictions. In fact, there are also so many families that don’t want to care about their children when they realize that their children have some specific addiction issues. Some parents are ashamed of their children if they find out about their children’s addictions. Even though science is really great recently, there are still some societies that discriminate against people by their lives.

It becomes one of the ironic issues that we still have in this millennium era. Some people are still thinking about the discrimination of race and religion towards others. A lot of factors from the environment can lead some people and also children and teenagers to addiction issues. They may want to find some comfort zones as the shelters so they can rely on a good environment. In some addiction cases, there are facts about misleading figures in their families. Some troubled teenagers make confessions about their parents and their roles as parents in the family. Some parents can’t express their emotions through their parenting styles and that kind of strict and stiff parenting style can’t be used in the modern parenting styles today. They have to be more flexible and they need to appreciate every little thing that their children do generally. Some children just want to get appreciation from their parents and they want to be accepted in their families.

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