The way Electric Field Therapy Preserved a Life


Many years previously, someone very close to me seemed to be diagnosed with a type of blood ailment called Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML), which is a type of tumor of the white blood cells. This can be a form of leukemia characterized by the particular increased and unregulated predominantly myeloid cells inside the bone marrow and the deposition of these cells in our blood.

This article tells the story of her life, and I expect that sharing the woman’s story can help save other folks who experience the same difficulty.

She is an average person with an everyday existence and a simple lifestyle like yours and mine. The woman’s only woe was that woman’s immune system was constantly reduced and as a result, she fell unwell quickly. She also got a tonsillectomy when the lady was 24 years old. As soon as the tonsillectomy, her level of protection dropped even further. She wasn’t able to go near within an ft . of anyone unwell, even the simple flu or perhaps cough. If she will, she will immediately catch that and fall unwell for at least a week. She has been constantly on medications and also constantly consuming supplements just like Vitamins B, C, and also E daily. One of the woman’s unhealthy habits was the lady was a person who doesn’t love to consume much water. The woman’s water intake daily is less than any liter a day.

She has also not been a very productive person. Although she had not been an active person, she had not been overweight either. She proved helpful as a primary school educator, teaching English to pupils from rural areas where The English language is not the mother tongue. The woman’s work was often highly stressful.

She was first clinically determined to have CML when she has been 55 years old, right out of retirement. It all started using a high fever. Her vomiting was about 38. 5 degrees and could not go down. She was admitted to the hospital as the doctor’s anxiety that she had contracted ?o?ería. When the blood test’s final result came out, the doctor was stunned. Her white blood numbers were off the roof! What exactly followed was a series of blood vessels test and a bone marrow test. The result came out constructive for CML. According to medical professionals, she was a lucky girl. When she was recognized, her CML was still at a very early stage. They told her that she could live up to at least five decades with the help of oral chemotherapy.

That had been the beginning of the years of standard chemotherapy. Year by season, her cancer grew, and so did the consumption of the common chemotherapy drugs. First, the idea started with one supplement a day, then it became a pair of then finally increased to six pills a day. Proper cancer got the defense to the drug, the physicians changed her medication, and every time the level of chemo increased, as well as again the cycle repeated. 12 years went by; it was the entire year 2009. Her condition was damaged further and the cancer came into the final accelerated phase. The girl was

unresponsive to any radiation treatment drugs. Then, there have been no other drugs on the market that she has not tried, aside from one, which was a trial medication. To be accepted into the path drug program, she needed to undergo weeks of screening and the doctors fed the girl more drugs to strengthen her condition and to fulfill the minimal requirement to qualify for your program. Finally, after a lot of hardship and 3 months associated with nonstop lab tests, the girl was accepted into the system. Sometimes, I wonder if it had been a blessing or a cursed

Once again, the same story repeats. Very first she was consuming two pills a day for the very first month but her malignancy was not showing signs of enhancements. So it increases to lastly six a day. This was once the doctors stopped her tablets. Her body could not carry it anymore. Her blood platelets dropped to 6K, that way below critical. The girl’s gums and eyes began bleeding. Her body experienced internal bleeding. Black areas from all over her entire body, and her body weight decreased from 45 kilograms to 35 kilograms. She increased as white as a page of the bleached paper.

The girl was so weak that even simple activity, such as walking, was strenuous, and she was confined to your ex-bed most of the time. She ended up being admitted to the hospital regularly for a blood transfusion. Though she underwent blood transfusion (minimum 2 -4 packets) weekly, her platelet number could not go above the critical level. The body could not keep its blood platelets alive, and her white blood number continued to increase. At this point, typically, the doctors gave up on her! That they told her husband that there is practically nothing more “they” can do to be with her as with or without treatment, she’s going to die!

At this point, her household was desperate. They started off looking for an alternative treatment to help her. They tried several traditional treatments, including herbal products but to no avail. Thank God; they were introduced to Power Field Therapy using a curing machine called eLIFE.

This lady tried the therapy for only five treatments in only two days and a miracle occurred! Her platelet counts raised to 30K! It was some count that no one possibly dared to dream of. For the first time in many months, this lady did not need to undergo a bloodstream transfusion. I still remember the two days I had been beside her during the girl therapy and the day associated with her checkup. I could nevertheless clearly see the smile within her eyes and the joy in her voice and the ones of her other loved ones. Everyone was so happy. All of us shed tears of pleasure!

Since that day, your family purchased a unit of the eLIFE therapy machine for her and she has been doing the girl treatment every day. Now right after 1 . 5 years because the first day of the girl’s treatment, her condition is nearly back to normal. Her platelet matter is almost 120k, her white-colored blood counts are in check with the help of a very mild dosage of oral chemotherapy (6 pills per week), the girl has put on back the girl missing 10 kilograms associated with weight, and she forgets about as pale as ghosting.

She is also leading a normal and healthier lifestyle now. The girl consumes at least 3 amounts of water a day and exercises daily. Her vision, gums, and internal bleeding have stopped. All the african american patches on her body have died, and best of all, she could continue to do all the things she loved! Her household celebrated her recovery by using a feast in a restaurant. Lunch, they had not been liked since the day she dropped sick 12 years ago.

This is one of the most miraculous recoveries I have seen from users associated with eLIFE. There are many more that I will not be able to share in this post.

I hope my story has taken hope to people facing the same or similar fate. Occasions have changed, and so have technologies. I believe one should always search for alternatives and not put all their trust solely in healthcare science.

If you would like to know more with regards to eLIFE™ or if you have any questions about Electric Discipline Therapy, or even if you would like to be more about other miraculous recoveries that I have seen with the use of ELEKTRONIK FON AKTAR?M? through eLIFE™ If you have just about any questions, feel free to drop us an email at gnileo@gmail. com.

PS: She is now sixty-eight years old. Bless her, and might she have many more extended years ahead of her.

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