The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review


The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 uses the same form factor as previous versions. It has a small tracker embedded into a rubber band, but the band itself doesn’t have any fancy clipping mechanism or fancy materials. Instead, the band’s minimalist aesthetic is discreet, and it’s not the type of wearable you want to take to work or school. It’s perfectly fine for everyday use, though.


The new Mi Band 4 wearable is equipped with a 0.95-inch touchscreen, a 120×240 resolution, and can display time and date. Its backlight is quite weak, but it wakes you up instantly when you raise your wrist. There are also 77 watch faces to choose from, which you can use to customize the band’s look. You can also use the Mi Band 4 to check the time, reminders, and active calories burned. Besides these, you can also unlock your phone by pressing the button that appears on the screen.

The Mi Band 4 is waterproof up to 5 ATMs and 50 meters. The device is also adjustable for the number of heartbeats per minute and the amount of sleep it can monitor. Compared to the Mi Band 3, the Mi Band 4 is easy to use and has an intuitive mobile app. Moreover, it syncs data with the app in ten seconds. Its simple navigation is another plus point. In addition, the Mi Band 4 is water resistant, and it doesn’t vibrate when you go swimming.

Among its many features, the Mi Band 4 is perfect for people interested in keeping track of their health. It includes social app notifications, caller ID, message checking, and Do Not Disturb mode. Other useful functions include:

  • Tracking your heart rate throughout the day.
  • Monitoring your sleep.
  • Recording the distance you have traveled.

You can even set a daily goal for yourself and use your Mi Band as motivation for further achievement.

Its display is the same as that of the Mi Band 3. Its screen resolution and broader size are the two biggest differences. The Xiaomi Mi band four also has a TPU strap that is durable and skin-friendly. It can withstand pressure up to 50 meters and splashes of water without damage. It is compatible with both Android 4.4 and iOS 9.

Battery life

The battery life of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is claimed to be as long as 20 days. However, users are reporting shorter battery life. Most users are getting 14-15 days; some even report less than a week of battery life. Therefore, it is better to turn off optional features to avoid such short battery life. However, battery life is important for the Mi Band 4.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is waterproof and has an integrated heart rate monitor. You can also get notifications for calls and texts and track your sleep. It also features a 0.95-inch full-color OLED touchscreen that is responsive and has 400-nit peak brightness. Users can view their heart rate, sleep, and fitness data by touching or swiping it. The Mi Band 4 is comfortable to wear, and the straps are interchangeable, so you can easily change them.

The screen is slightly bigger than the Mi Band 3, and the resolution of the screen is 400nits. The device also has a 135mAh battery that should last you up to 20 days. Bluetooth 5.0 is installed for pairing with smartphones. The Mi Band 4 supports 16MB of flash memory and 512KB of memory. Besides the battery life, the Mi Band 4 also has a fingerprint sensor. Although the screen isn’t very sharp, it is bright enough for most users.

Another positive of the Mi Band 4 is its heart-rate sensor. It can track your sleep cycle and differentiate between light and deep sleep. Besides recording your sleep patterns, it can also track your overall heart rate. It also measures the number of hours you spend in REM sleep. This data can be accessed through the Mi Fit App. To use this device, you must wear it during sleep. So, the Mi Band 4 should be worn while sleeping.


If you want to use your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to track your fitness level, you must establish a proper Bluetooth connection with your device. To do so, you should use the same network as the other devices on your network. For example, if you have a cellular connection, you should connect your Mi Band 4 to the same carrier. This should solve the connectivity issue, but it might not be possible with all cellular connections. To prevent this issue, it’s a good idea to use the same network as your other devices, such as your computer.

You must first pair your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with your phone using Bluetooth to get started. Once you have completed the process, you will see options for connecting your device to your phone. First, select the Mi Band 4 as your connected device and choose your desired image. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will then automatically synchronize data with your smartphone. After the synchronization is complete, you can access your phone’s memory and functions.

To use your Mi Band 4, you must pair it with your smartphone. The Mi Band 4 supports different operating systems. The compatibility requirements may vary depending on the operating system you’re using. You should always read the instructions before connecting. Once you have connected your Mi Band 4, you can use other applications, such as Mi Fit. You’ll need to authorize the Mi Fit application on your phone to use this app. You can download the Mi Fit application from Google Play or the AppStore if you don’t have a smartphone. After downloading the application, you can connect your Mi Band 4 with your smartphone.

You can download watch faces to customize your Mi Band 4’s display. The Mi Band 4 has 77 different watch faces for you to choose from. You can also make it custom and save your watch faces. During the day, the display’s brightness can be adjusted to avoid burning your eyes. The Mi Band 4 also has a night mode that reduces the brightness of your display after sunset.


Themes are another option to customize the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. For example, you can install the theme “Alina” to give your watch a more aesthetic atmosphere. This theme includes six language options and offers the most functionality on the home screen. In addition, its icons make it easier to find information. This theme was created by a user named Carbon+. You can also install themes to give your band a more vintage or classic look. Theme developers will also create new themes for the device as it becomes more popular.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has a full-color screen with a 24-bit color depth and a 0.95-inch size. There are 11 preset colors, and you can also change the color of the dial. You can even choose between different colors to match your personality. The customization options are almost endless. And you can choose the background of your band, as well as your notifications. Customization will make your band more unique and easier to use.

After downloading the Mi Fit application, you need to connect your Mi Band 4 to your phone. Once the device is connected, you can install custom resources from the Google Play Store. When you are finished, you can download a third-party watch face and set it up on your watch. Customization is an essential feature of a Xiaomi Mi Band 4, so don’t worry if the watch is not as personalized as you would like it to be.

Unlike its predecessors, the Mi Band 4 has a customizable vibration level. Previously, the Mi Band could not start exercises when the user was swimming, but now it can. In addition, the Mi Band can be customized to suit your style and preferences. While its data is approximate, it’s a convenient tool for casual users. It is a good fit for casual users but no replacement for real doctors.

Water resistance

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet is water resistant. It is rated for 5ATM of water pressure and 50 meters of depth. This means it can withstand accidental submersion, swimming, and showering. The device has a 0.95-inch AMOLED touch screen with a resolution of 120 x 240 pixels and is protected by 2.5D scratch-resistant glass. The Mi Band 4 comes in 6 different colors.

A water-resistant wearable is completely impervious to water. A water-resistant wearable is protected against water under specific conditions. For example, the 5ATM rating of Xiaomi Mi Band 7 makes it safe to wear in the shower. The device also comes with a built-in microphone to make calls. Water resistance is an important feature for fitness trackers. Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is also waterproof. If you want the water resistance of this device, this will be a great choice.

In addition to its 5ATM water resistance, the Mi Band 4 has a colored touch screen with a resolution of 128×220 pixels. It weighs 13 grams and supports Bluetooth v5.0. The Mi Band 4C can track a full day’s worth of activity. Besides tracking your sleep, the Mi Band 4C can also track calls, notifications, and the weather.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is priced at INR 2,299 in India. As the successor to the popular Mi Band 3, it comes with features like a color AMOLED display, waterproof rating of up to 50 meters, Xiao AI voice assistant support, six-axis sensor, smart stroke recognition, and QR code payment. The band is available in various online stores on Amazon India and Mi Home, though the company has not yet announced if it will be sold through its Mi Partners.


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