TheWiSpy VS XnSpy – Which is the Best Spy App in 2021?

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In the battle of fierce competitors today, only the fittest survive. Consequently, constant upgrading is required to stay at the top. TheWiSpy and XnSpy are among the two leading spy apps within easy reach of consumers. However, only one can be crowned with the title “the best” spy app.

Let’s look at a few essential points to be mindful of before deciding to purchase any one of them.

  • Installation Process
  • Features
  • Compatibility
  • Pricing

Ready, Get, Set, Go!

Installation Process:

A good cell phone spy app is quick and effortless. Android spyware installation should be steady and error-free.


There are three steps of installation of TheWiSpy.

  1. Register and get a license from TheWiSpy.
  2. Install TheWiSpy app on target mobile.
  3. Spy Android phones remotely via a web-based dashboard. 


The process of installing XnSpy is also the same as TheWiSpy.

  1. Subscribe to acquire a spying license.
  2. Download and install the app on target mobile.
  3. Use private account credentials for XNSPY login and monitor using an online portal.


We know that many options are available in the market for buying the best spy app for Android. We have carefully selected two from the overflowing pool of Android spyware to give you a complete detailed comparison. This article will help you avoid a severe headache of technicalities and start monitoring straight away.

  1. Social Media:

According to research published on 2nd November 2021 by Statista Research Department, usage of WhatsApp has increased enormously by October 2021. Monthly, two billion users access WhatsApp.

This means that dependency on social media apps is escalating at a rapid speed. Therefore, keeping the high checks on such platforms is necessary.


TheWiSpy provides not only secret access to WhatsApp but also spy Android phones remotely for other social media platforms like

  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Gmail
  • Viber.

You can track call logs, instant messages, multimedia files, emails etc. The plus point with TheWiSpy app is that it doesn’t require rooting at target mobile. 


The XnSpy users can have full access to activities of IM apps like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc., but the only problem here is; it requires rooting. So you will have to root the target device to gain access to IM apps.


  1. Call Logs and Recordings:

No doubt that social media apps have taken over the world, but a phone call is still the preferable mode of communication. As per the research done by Hiya 2019, thirty-six people aged 56 and above gave priority to the phone call over online chats and emails. Likewise, thirty percent of people between the ages of 40 and 55 chose phone calls.


The WiSpy app gives the following premium call recording facilities,

  • Easy call recording.
  • Instant retrieval of recorded calls.
  • Monitor complete call log with the date, time and duration.
  • Visibility of phone contact list along with email.


This app is designed to track and record all the call data, just like TheWiSpy. Phone call recording features of XnSpy are similar to TheWiSpy. 

  1. Audio/Video and Photo:

As per the recent report by Statista, around 3.09 billion people use overwhelming messaging applications across the world. Furthermore, this rate is expected to rise to 3.51 billion by 2025. With so much overflowing media transfer through IM apps, you may be concerned about your child’s safety at a tender age. Therefore, Android spy app remote installation gives you the access to look after your loved ones.


Get access to,

  • Online and offline images sent and received to the target device.
  • Audio and video recordings sent to the mobile phone.
  • Camera and gallery monitoring of target mobile
  • Detailed information about the video, audio and photo with timestamps


  • Easy access to images and videos in the target mobile.
  • You don’t get access to the audio recordings in this app.
  1. Camera Spy and Ambient Recording:

This feature comes in handy for people looking out for their loved ones or monitoring their employees for various reasons. For example, if your child is complaining about being bullied at school or an employee complains about harassment, such live audio recording and picture capturing help identify and rectify the exact issue.


  • A brilliant app with full access to live picture capturing.
  • Remote access to both cameras.
  • Saving taken pictures on the web dashboard to view later.
  • Spy microphone to listen to surround sounds.
  • Record the live ambience sounds.
  • Remote access to recorded surround sounds.


  • Clear recording of surrounding sounds
  • Remote access to target microphone
  • XnSpy don’t give access to camera control
  • You cannot capture live pictures
  1. Monitor Installed Apps:

Article published in Decibel indicates that since the pandemic, the rate of download applications and installation has gone up to 23.3 percent. An adult spends at least three hours and forty-five minutes of the day on mobile gadgets. Let’s not forget that the young generation between 18 and 24 years are leading the app consumption.

Keeping in mind, use of mobile is overshadowing all other media sources, some preventive measures are required to be taken. If your child is now spending way more time on mobile compared to the past, it’s time to go through applications on his/her phone for a possible threat.


  • Observe installed applications on the target device.
  • Watch over the installation date and time of any app.
  • Get a detailed report of frequently used applications.
  • Health monitor of a specific app.


  • You can check the list of applications downloaded and installed.
  • Date of app download is available.
  • XnSpy cannot monitor particular application history.


Purchasing a non-compatible spy app is just like trying to wear shoes that don’t fit your size. That is why, before you buy a spy app license, check its compatibility with the target mobile or tablet OS version.


  • Compatible with all Android versions above 4.0.
  • Works smoothly without lagging in stealth mode. 


According to the user survey following points came out in light;

  • Compatible with iOS.
  • XnSpy doesn’t support Android v10.
  • It lags a little bit.


A good spy app for Android phones not only carries the best possible features but is also light on the pocket.

According to an article published in Buildfire, most people globally are inclined towards downloading free applications rather than paid ones. However, both free and paid applications have their own strategic benefits. Free applications have some limitations. For example, free apps are often not free of advertising.

In paid services, you get better versions of products, and the best part of them is that they are free of annoying ads.


TheWiSpy offers three different packages for one, three and six months each.

1. Basic:

  • One month license for $19.99/month
  • Three months license for $9.99/month
  • Six months license for $8.33/month

2. Premium:

  • One month license for $29.99/month
  • Three months license for $16.66/month
  • Six months license for $13.33/month

 3. Platinum:

  • One month license for $49.99/month
  • Three months license for $26.66/month
  • Six months license for $19.99/month


There are two packages offered by XnSpy;

1. Basic:

  • Monthly license for $49.99/month
  • Quarterly license for $69.99/month
  • Annual license for $99.99/month

2. Premium:

  • Monthly license for $59.99/month
  • Quarterly license for $99.99/month
  • Annual license for $149.99/month

Although XnSpy and TheWiSpy offer almost the same features, XnSpy is heavier on pockets than TheWiSpy. Moreover, as it is evident to us from the prices mentioned above, the platinum service of TheWiSpy is a quarter of what the XnSpy premium package offers.

Final Verdict:

We have tried to give you an authentic and clear picture of each cell phone spy app in detail.

Let us tell you a few takeaway points.

  • TheWiSpy Android spy app doesn’t require rooting to perform some features, which is a considerable benefit to spy on Android phones remotely. Whereas, XnSpy requires root in some target cell phones to obtain superuser access.
  • Android spy app remote installation is as important as anything else. Both spy apps have an easy and quick installation process.

Unlike TheWiSpy, Xnspy doesn’t permit access and control of the spy camera to take live pictures.

  • Usage history of any particular app is not available in the XnSpy app.
  • XnSpy app claims to be compatible with all Android versions. However, some users have complained about the compatibility issue with Android v10.
  • The most pocket-friendly spy app for Android is indeed TheWiSpy. Unfortunately, prices given by XnSpy are a significant setback for users.
  • There is a report of some lagging in geofencing features claimed by online users.

To take the entire article’s essence, we must suggest that TheWiSpy is better than XnSpy.

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