Things to do in ArtScience Museum Singapore

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One of the popular tourist destinations in Singapore is the ArtScience Museum. The unique architecture of the ArtScience Museum, namely the roof shaped like flower petals, is the main attraction for foreign tourists here. The ArtScience Museum is located in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands neighborhood. In this Museum, there are many exhibition spaces, such as Marvel Studio, The Future World, and many more, so ticket prices vary according to your wishes. Check out the ArtScience Museum promotion on Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp!

The ArtScience Museum, which opened in 2011, is one of the most popular destinations in Singapore. There is a permanent exhibition area called “Future World” here. Future World combines art themes realized through technology in four pieces: City in a Garden, Park, Space, and Sanctuary. You can also interact with various galleries designed by the teamLab technology artist group from Japan. So, do not waste this facility when visiting there.

Visitors of all ages can enjoy the various interactive galleries at the ArtScience Museum. Both children and parents are busy posing, sliding on slides decorated with digital images to draw. You can remove it in the “Sketch Aquarium” gallery. The drawing is made on a sheet of paper, colored with crayons. The ArtScience Museum does display long tables containing drawing equipment to support this purpose. After finishing the drawing, then insert the two sheets of drawing into a special scanner machine.

A moment later, two squiggle jellyfish can be seen “swimming” in a projection of two wall planes made to look like a giant aquarium. The “aquarium” appears to be filled with images of visitors animated in such a way that it seems alive and three-dimensional, swimming around the virtual aquarium space.

How to Get to the Art Science Museum

  • Because the location of this Art Science Museum is in the city center of Singapore and is still in the Marina Sands area, it is very easy to access.
  • MRT: You can take the MRT and get off at Bayfront Station (Circle Line), then continue by walking for 10 minutes to reach the Museum, or it can be at Promenade Station and Marina Bay Station.
  • Bus: Take bus 133 from Bugis street and get off at Marina bay sand.
  • Taxi: With a taxi service, you can get off along Bayfront Avenue at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands then via Raffles Boulevard

There are many best spots you can visit in the ArtScience Museum, here are the best 3!

  1. Future World: when art meets the science

The Singapore Artscience Museum has many exhibition spaces. One of the most popular and visited by many tourists is the work of teamLab, Future World! Future World carries the concept of artwork by combining sophisticated technology and inviting tourists to imagine creating works of art in this very interactive exhibition space. The Future World exhibition is divided into four sections.

  1. Nature

In this first section, tourists will be taken to a dark room and watch illustrations from the projector’s beam throughout the room. In the nature section, there is also a room that displays works of art with the title Black Waves, the image of these waves surrounding the room accompanied by the sound of the waves.

  1. Town

This section contains very interactive artwork, the children who are brought here will be very happy because many things can be done, for example, tourists will be invited to make a city, by providing paper and pictures, tourists are free to color the images they choose, then the images can be drawn. Scanned and entered the Sketch Town screen!

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